Tucson, AZ & Sisters, OR: Two heads are better than one! Whitney Lowe and Jan Schwartz have combined their renowned industry expertise, energy, and extensive skill-base into a dynamic, new partnership through Education and Training Solutions LLC. Setting a new bar for online course development and design, Lowe and Schwartz bring to the alternative healthcare education industry cutting-edge and innovative opportunities for moving into this exciting new option in education.

Online education is the fastest growing sector of education in the country today. Many education institutions have learned to capitalize on the unique benefits of this educational delivery system. Lowe and Schwartz are helping schools, continuing education providers, and industry businesses take advantage of the tremendous benefits of online education. They are demonstrating that the benefits of reduced costs and expanded customer base with online courses can also come with the additional perk of improved course quality.

Our combined experience in accreditation; curriculum design and content; as well as learning theory and online instructional design insure the creation of an excellent educational experience for the learner and the course facilitator.

Education and Training Solutions will provide you with expert instructional design, hosting for your course or workshop, reliable support, customized course sites and a secure and user-friendly platform. They can also provide you with consulting services and curriculum development.

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