In-store lectures and podcasts provide tips for supporting healthy energy levels, naturally

AUSTIN, Texas – March 2, 2010 – As part of its “Be Good to Your Whole Body” campaign in its Whole Body departments, Whole Foods Market focuses on healthy energy for the month of March.

In-store lectures and podcasts by Whole Body experts will provide shoppers with advice and tips for promoting healthy energy. Topics include: energy-boosting herbs, vitamins and minerals, common causes of fatigue, how adaptogens help the body deal with stress and support the immune system, and the basics about body energy.

“Research has shown that at the simplest level, energy is about having adequate amounts of fuel available for the body. In this case, fuel is nutrients: amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants[1],” said Malia Curran, nutrition consultant for Whole Foods Market. “A balanced diet with plenty of whole foods, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and vitamin C, along with healthy maintenance of sleep, exercise and stress, can help sustain the body’s energy.”

In addition to nutrition and lifestyle factors, other energizing ideas include:

· Ingredients such as acai, goji berries, green tea, yerba mate and medicinal mushrooms are packed with antioxidants; Guarana, long popular in Argentina and Brazil, delivers both caffeine and theophylline (similar in chemical structure to caffeine) and the “feel-good” theobromine found in chocolate.

· Acupuncture has been shown to counter fatigue significantly and to help balance energy levels.

· Aromatherapy offers several essential oils that support balanced energy, including rosemary, jasmine and peppermint. Using a diffuser or putting a few drops on a tissue, a pillow or in a warm bath can help balance energy.

· Powerful adaptogenic herbs like Asian ginseng, astragalus, eleuthero, Rhodiola rosea and schizandra that have general tonic properties for the immune system and can help the body deal with all types of stress. These are available in supplement and tincture form.

Several resources are available online, including an audio podcast on general lifestyle tips for balancing energy by herbalist and botanical researcher Ric Scalzo, founder of Gaia Herbs. A second podcast with Dr. Hyla Cass discusses top natural energy products and supplements, what to look for, including vitamins and herbs, and what to steer clear of when choosing from the many popular products that promise a boost these days. Check local store listings for events and more information.

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