As we learn more and more about our own health and the health of our planet, the pull to go organic seems to grow stronger. In certain areas of life, such as the food we eat, it is fairly simple to understand the benefits of eating organic. In other areas, such as the clothing we wear or the body products we use—including massage creams—understanding the benefits of going organic may take a bit more time and investigation.

When you pick up a ripe, red strawberry, for instance, it’s fairly simple to comprehend that if that berry was grown organically, it will not have a coating of chemicals on it. However, if the berry was not grown organically, there’s a good chance you’re chomping down on at least a few chemicals when you consume it. Therefore, the desire to eat organic may increase.

The benefits of organic body products may be a bit tougher to suss out. For massage therapists and bodyworkers, one body product that may be slathered onto clients and practitioners every day is massage cream. Perhaps you are wondering whether there are any real benefits to purchasing massage cream made of organic ingredients, or if it’s simply a popular trend.

It is up to each massage therapist to weigh the benefits of buying organic massage cream. His or her own client base, region of practice, personal values and beliefs will all likely factor into such a decision. It is hard to deny, however, that the words wellness and organic seem to go hand in hand these days. Ideally, switching to an organic massage cream could serve to boost business, as well as the wellness of practitioner and client.

An organic massage cream typically differs from a traditional massage cream in that it does not contain artificial ingredients or ingredients that were grown using chemicals, such as pesticides. People who choose organic products, whether they be strawberries or massage creams, often do so in the hopes of avoiding any potential long-term health effects from the consumption or absorption of synthetic chemicals and ingredients.

Another big reason organic products boast such powerful appeal is they usually are grown and manufactured in a way that does far less harm to the environment. For instance, if the label of a massage cream states it contains such ingredients as organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter, that means the jojoba shrubs and shea trees that helped create the massage cream were grown organically. In other words, no synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides, were used to raise these plants, thereby avoiding possible damage to the soil, streams and wildlife in that area.

Whether your aim is to increase client satisfaction, boost business, increase wellness, help save the planet or all of the above, purchasing an organic massage cream for use in your bodywork practice may be a great move as more and more people grasp the need to go organic.

—Brandi Schlossberg