green tea massage creamWhen it comes to massage creams, there are a number of different options to consider for use with your clients. According to a number of health professionals, cream containing green tea may offer certain benefits.


Antioxidant Power

Many people who are concerned about their health are already well-versed when it comes to the potential benefits of drinking green tea, some of which include, according to University of Maryland Medical Center’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide, having better digestion, experiencing greater heart and brain health, and improvement of other bodily functions, such as body temperature control.

However, green tea may offer additional benefits when used topically, as it is in massage creams that contain this particular ingredient. Obianuju Helen Okoye, M.D., a public health physician and scientific researcher in the Saint Louis, Missouri, area, shared her advanced knowledge of green tea’s benefits with MASSAGE Magazine.

“One of the main benefits of green tea is [its] high levels of antioxidants, such as polyphenols,” said Okoye. “Antioxidants help the body fight against free radicals, which can damage DNA.”

Free radicals, according to the Merck Manual, are a highly reactive byproduct of normal cell functioning. At the point where antioxidants in the body can’t effectively limit or reduce the level of free radicals present, damage to cells can occur, potentially causing disease.

Although free radical damage is most commonly associated with cancerous conditions and certain neurodegenerative diseases, Okoye indicated that some studies “have attributed free radical damage to aging and the formation of wrinkles”; in short, older-looking skin.

The journal Dermato Endrocrinology published one such study in July of 2012. This research looked at the top anti-aging options used by dermatologists to help their patients’ skin look younger, which include anti-aging creams, chemical peels, laser treatments, collagen or Botox injections, and hormone replacement therapy, among others.

One option discussed at great length was topical antioxidants, which reduce the skin’s degradation of collagen. The study’s authors noted that green tea polyphenols have been found to reduce skin damage, which can result in younger-looking skin.


Prevention Is Key

Okoye summed up the potential benefits of green tea in massage creams by stating that “the hypothesis and school of thought is that the use of topical green tea can result in younger-looking skin.” She also stressed the importance of using other methods of skin protection. “While these results are promising, the recommendation is to use topical green tea alongside other protective skin measures, such as sunscreen and avoiding the sun.”


Tea Time

As a massage professional, you may help enhance your clients’ skin health and appearance—as well as your own—by working with green tea massage cream.


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