You can find it in the aisles of your local grocery store, likely near the olive oil, and you can also find it on the ingredients list of quite a few high-quality massage creams. It is called grapeseed oil, and the benefits of this oil account for its popularity, both in kitchens and in session rooms of massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Most likely, as a professional touch therapist, you already know grapeseed oil can be used alone as a lubricant or as a carrier oil, to which you can add other ingredients, such as scented essential oils and so on. However, what you may not be aware of is the fact grapeseed oil also is a component of many massage creams, bringing its list of benefits to the versatile texture of massage cream.

To get a grasp on the nature of grapeseed oil, it helps to take a closer look at this natural lubricant. The seeds of the grapes used to make grapeseed oil often are byproducts of the wine industry. These seeds are pressed to create the fine and light texture you will find with grapeseed oil, which falls into the category of vegetable oils. According to experts, most grapeseed oils are nearly without any odor. In addition, this vegetable oil can be soaked up by skin fairly easily and, fortunately, it qualifies as noncomedogenic as well, so there is no need to worry about grapeseed oil clogging your clients’ skin.

As for the other reported benefits of grapeseed oil, it has been used to soothe skin irritations and minor wounds, serving as a superb emollient to bring moisture to skin. Grapeseed oil also contains antioxidants that may help decrease damage from free radicals and from the sun. Last but not least, this light lubricant also is known for its mildly astringent properties, which may help tighten and tone skin to aid in anti-aging efforts.

Fortunately for the large number massage therapists and bodyworkers who prefer to use a massage cream rather than an oil, the benefits of grapeseed oil can be added to massage creams. Simply take a look at the ingredient label for a massage cream to find out whether it contains grapeseed oil. If grapeseed oil is close to the top of the ingredient list for a massage cream, than typically the cream contains a fairly large amount of this light lubricant.

If you decide to try out a massage cream that contains grapeseed oil, do not be shy about touting its benefits to your clients. As clients relax onto your massage table, they may be grateful to know that the cream you will be applying to their skin will not clog their pores and may even produce desirable anti-aging effects.

For clients, knowing you have their best interests in mind, from the hands-on healing right down to the massage cream, can be a prime incentive for return visits to your session room.

–Brandi Schlossberg