Juliann Eskite grows Juno’s Garden® from a desire to use fresh herbs to solve unique skin problems for pets.

Pacifica, CA (PRWEB) Nov. 27, 2008 — Based in Pacifica, Calif., Juliann Eskite created Juno’s Garden® from a desire to use garden-grown herbs to solve unique skin problems for her beloved pets. Juno, her first dog, was a garden lover and inspired Juliann’s desire to know more about “nature’s healing herbs”. Guinness, her foraging Australian Shepherd, proved that herbs could smell great on dogs, as he played among the fragrant mix of Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Verbena. And Soleil, Juliann’s 14-year old yellow lab, has opened her eyes to the need to solve skin and age-related illnesses with garden-grown organic solutions. The result was the founding of Juno’s Garden, the first company to use organic ingredients in its line of pet bath and skincare solutions.

“As an avid gardener, I love the results I see from using organic essential oils, herbs and aromatherapy with my animals and in our household. It seems that everything I create for my senior dog, Soleil, works better than the vet recommended solutions that are full of chemicals and synthetics. My natural solutions have given birth to a business full of love, learning and a garden fresh of healing herbs and flowers!”

What makes Juno’s Garden different? Many competitors formulate their products with synthetic fragrances and chemicals in order to cut costs. Juno’s Garden produces all their bath and skincare products using organic, human-grade ingredients, that are earth and pet-friendly. Its products are free from SLS, DEA and Parabens, which are known to cause skin allergies in pets and people alike. Every ingredient in their product formulas has a purpose that contributes to the long-term health of your pet. This practice of using natural herbs and oils to promote healing has been in use for thousands of years, and is at the core of Juno’s Garden mission to encourage their use around our children, pets and in our households. The young company furthers reduces its carbon footprint with a commitment to using recyclable packaging, organically grown sustainable ingredients and “green” business practices in all their endeavors.

Juno’s Garden has two core brands for pets, Pal Dog® and Pal Kitty®. Their signature Pal Dog line, launched in 2004, includes dog shampoos, bath sprays, soothing balm and hot spot spray. In 2007, Juno’s Garden branched off from its predominantly “dog”- oriented products to the development of Pal Kitty, an organic coat and skincare line for cats. The highly successful Pal Kitty Freshen-Up Foam is the organic detangling product on the market to date.

This successful launch was the inspiration for the 2008 introduction of the Pal Dog Treatment Gel line of products. Inspired by Juliann’s work with her senior dog Soleil, a series of wellness products have been developed to target specific skin related issues, again using organic herbal solutions. The two new Treatment Gels are specially formulated to prevent ear infections and treat pet skin emergencies. Ear Wash Treatment Gel is a gentle, mess-free approach to ear cleaning and preventative care. Boo Boo Treatment Gel relieves pain from abrasions, cuts, burns, bug bites and stings as well as painful broken toenails. Juno’s Garden packaged both products in the new Healthy Pup System Set, a first-aid kit containing the products and bandages for those little emergencies. The kit is perfect for new pet parents.

Juno’s Garden offers their full range of products at independent pet stores, boutiques, natural food stores, Internet pet stores and vet offices nationwide. Visit the company website at junosgarden.com, to see a list of local retailers.