GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 6, 2009 — In recognition of the World Health Organization’s World Cancer Day on Feb. 4, 2009, La Isha ( President Sharon Gnatt Epel has announced the award of a 90-day supply of her company’s flagship product Breast SOS to three women. As a signatory of the World Cancer Declaration sponsored by the UICC for global cancer control, Gnatt Epel believes that this contest, open to all women who apply on the company Web site, will help raise awareness of the importance of daily self-examination in the fight against breast cancer.

A strong advocate of preventive care, Gnatt Epel first embraced the idea of merging beauty and health after she lost her mother to multiple cancers nine years ago. Her subsequent research resulted in the creation of organic anti-aging skin care products formulated without the use of synthetics, artificial preservatives, colors, fragrances, known carcinogens, and other dangerous substances that could compromise human health or harm the environment.

“Looking good and feeling good do not have to be mutually exclusive,” according to Gnatt Epel. Concerned about the chemicals and preservatives in many beauty preparations that have been linked to breast cancer and birth defects, she is dedicated to developing safe yet highly effective skin care solutions for women. La Isha aims to take the danger out of being beautiful and help transform the business of cosmetics into a beauty and wellness industry.

La Isha’s innovative organic skin care uses premium botanicals, high-potency pomegranate extracts, medical grade essential oils and clinical aromatherapy to provide effective anti-aging benefits for women. Its flagship product – Breast SOS – has developed a loyal following since its informal introduction two years ago.

The La Isha Web site hopes to educate consumers about the benefits of natural organic skin care ingredients, including pomegranate seed oil which is widely used for a variety of alternative therapies. Because the unique biochemical properties of the oil are a hot topic of international research, the company Web site ( provides links to published international studies on the National Institute of Health database.

To register for the giveaway and learn more about La Isha products, contact Sharon Gnatt Epel at or visit