From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Massage Therapist Presented with World Massage Festival Award,” in the September 2010 issue. Article summary: Each year, World Massage Festival organizer Mike Hinkle chooses the recipients of several awards. At the 2010 festival, which was attended by more 500 massage therapists and students and 90 members of the general public, awards were given out as part of the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

by Mike Hinkle

School of the Year: Cortiva/Chicago School of Massage

This award was created in 2009 and tries to highlight a massage school that is forward leaning in its philosophy. Cortiva’s Chicago School of Massage was nominated many times over the last year. It leads the country in its handling of research-related classes.

Teacher of the Year: Robert K. King

This award highlights teachers who make massage therapy fun, that excel at making the less exciting aspects of massage school interesting and those who support their graduating students as well. Another legend in this industry, Bob Robert K. King, founder of the Chicago School of Massage, has spent a lifetime educating and promoting massage.

Meritorious Service Award: James Waslaski

This award is given for long-term outstanding service to the massage profession. James Waslaski travels extensively, almost year-round, promoting massage worldwide. His service to the profession has been recognized at every level. His classes are some of the most sought-after in the industry. His knowledge is vast and his service is appreciated.

Government Relations Award: Vivian Madison-Mahoney

This award is presented for tireless advocacy on behalf of massage therapists. Vivian Madison-Mahoney has volunteered her expertise for years for various associations and has been instrumental in helping the massage therapy profession with its acceptance into the health-care field.

Founder’s Award: Angie Patrick

This award goes to the person who individually has been a bridge builder between the festival and the massage industry. Angie Patrick was an intricate part of the success of the festival this year.

Institution of the Year: BioFreeze

Our supporting industries should be recognized as well. They provide so much behind the scenes help. BioFreeze is a legend. It supports student days at conventions across the country. BioFreeze is a vital part of this profession.

Distinguished Service Award: Judi Calvert

This charter award was created to recognize those who give of their time, support and inspiration to the profession. Judi Calvert has spent a lifetime compiling the history of massage to share with all therapists.

Association of the Year: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

This award was created to promote associations increasing membership and nonmembership participation in the massage profession. It acknowledges the association that goes above and beyond its present mission statement. ABMP won the award for its creation of that allows massage therapists from around the world to interact.

2010 Media Award: Massage Today

This award was created to acknowledge the media aspects of the profession as they relate to massage therapists in general. Massage Today’s philosophy blends very well with the World Massage Festival. They give a lot back to the industry; specifically, things like $500 (sometimes $1,000) cash awards at conventions, T-shirts to every attendee and give away Massage Today free to therapists.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Joe Ferguson

This award was chosen to site those who had devoted a lifetime to the profession. Joe Ferguson was the first corporate massage therapist in New York. He had educated, trained and informed thousands in the massage profession.

Aunty Margaret Humanitarian Award: Nina McIntosh

This award, given in its namesakes honor, was created because of Aunty Margaret Machado’s philosophy for sharing and caring. Nina McIntosh spent a lifetime teaching others and bringing them in to the profession. She was a caring and wonderful massage therapist.

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