WorldDoc, Inc. today announced the integration of its consumer care management systems with Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Corp.™s consumer health platform. Now users of WorldDoc™s systems will be able to pull data from their personal HealthVault record into WorldDoc™s systems, as well as make updates to their HealthVault record from within the WorldDoc system. The enhanced accessibility and portability of health information resulting from this coordination opens new possibilities for improved and personalized health management.

HealthVault is a free, web-based platform designed to put individuals in control of their health data. It helps them collect, store and share health information with family members and participating health care providers. HealthVault provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation that providers of wellness and care management solutions, such as WorldDoc, can connect to in order to synchronize health data. The individual consumer determines what information is stored in the HealthVault record and who is allowed access to that information.

WorldDoc™s solutions allow consumers to make better health care decisions, leading to decreased costs and improved health. The core component of WorldDoc™s consumer care management systems, WorldDoc 24/7, is an intuitive, interactive personal health management application that empowers users to evaluate symptoms, understand their health issues, assess health risks and take steps to decrease those risks. WorldDoc 24/7 collects, analyzes and integrates a user™s medical, prescription and personal health data to provide a comprehensive care management solution that includes personalized medical goals, care gap identification and communication with targeted, actionable treatment suggestions. Integration with HealthVault greatly increases the relevance and effectiveness of the interventions and decision support that WorldDoc users receive.

The ability to synchronize health data between the HealthVault and WorldDoc systems enhances our users™ experience, because they can now manage their health data from multiple sources, said Rahul Singal, MD, president and CEO of WorldDoc, Inc. For example, WorldDoc members can integrate blood pressure and heart rate data from HealthVault compatible devices into WorldDoc™s system which then provides up to date, targeted recommendations to the member.

WorldDoc™s consumer application helps make health data understandable to consumers, said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president for the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp. Both of our organizations strive to empower the health care consumer to take control of their health care via actionable information. Through our cooperative efforts, we will further enable people to make informed choices regarding their health by putting them in control of their health information.

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WorldDoc, Inc. is a leading provider of consumer care management systems to health plans, third party administrators (TPAs) and employers. WorldDoc™s fully integrated product suite empowers individuals to make better health care decisions leading to decreased costs and improved health. WorldDoc™s solutions integrate an individual™s health risk assessment (HRA) medical and pharmacy claims, laboratory test results and biometric data to provide a comprehensive care management solution that includes personalized medical goals, care gap identification and secure, personalized, actionable programs and communications. WorldDoc™s complete integration of a patient™s health information provides a more personalized solution that increases member engagement. The company™s solutions contribute to effectiveness and cost savings in the areas of demand and disease management, pharmacy cost containment and disease prevention. For more information, visit

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