Karina Braun of Get In Touch Education (http://igetintouch.com) has taken yoga instructional DVDs to the next level. Braun can teach the massage therapist professional new maneuvers, techniques and injury-relief skills to help them condition and tone their body, in order to create ultimate flexibility and endurance.

Yoga is said to not only relieve pain and help injuries to heal, but also to help improve muscle tone and reduce tension throughout the day. Yoga should be implemented into every massage therapists’ self-care routine for body sustainability and reduction of injury.

Yoga is essential in keeping the massage athlete healthy. Through Braun’s extensive experience and training, she has created her own style of yoga that teaches massage therapists to train their body like an athlete. The Yoga 4 Bodyworkers DVD covers basic to intermediate yoga training that is specifically targeted for massage therapists and bodyworkers. It includes all exercises needed to renew and revitalize the body so that each therapist can relax and balance the link between body and mind.

Braun’s interest in yoga began during her first year of massage therapy after she sustained a low-back strain. Teaching others how to live pain-free became a passion in her life, which led her to become a yoga instructor. Her methods strive to keep the therapist injury-free, flexible and balanced.

Her specific routines involve knowing how the body reacts to each movement that is created during her technique. They are designed to “flow” from one area of the body to another, and some are even injury-specific based exercises that can help the therapist to relieve pain in a certain part of the body.

Braun has been in the bodywork and yoga therapy field for many years. She attended the University of North Texas for her undergraduate studies and then went to Hands on School
of Massage in Garland, Texas, in 1997. She began her career by owning a small hair salon and spa in Texas. Braun is a massage educator and yoga instructor in Nevada and resides in Las Vegas. She practices, therapeutic massage, Sphere Therapeutix™, craniosacral therapy and reiki and specializes in teaching therapists Personal Body Maintenance for the Bodyworker®. 

Braun’s new DVD is intended to strengthen, revitalize and refresh a tired body from an unbalanced state. The instructional video has a 55-minute run time, with 30 minutes focused on endurance, 20 minutes in renewal training and a bonus five-minute yoga session for the hands.

Braun, L.M.T., R.Y.T. has been in the massage therapy field for 14 years and is very knowledgeable with repetitive strain syndrome and lumbar strain and injury. She has a passion for body mechanics, education and the prevention of injury for all bodyworkers.

To purchase a DVD, visit www.igetintouch.com or send an e-mail to igetintouch@gmail.com.