Marina del Rey, California (Aug. 31, 2012):  Divine Blessings presents ultra soft & comfortable yoga inspired clothing, MADE in USA, that washes and wears very nicely, and not only suits the perfect outfit during your yoga class, but will make You feel as though You are barely wearing anything … while still being dressed fashionably for each & every casual occasion.

“Our clothing line encourages One in breathing freely, opening One up to receiving higher uplifting healing vibrations from the Infinite Universe”, says Divine, co-creator of Divine Blessings Yoga Inspired Clothing Line. “Inhale the breath of Light; Exhale Love & Compassion, through the vibrations that resonate from the messages on the garments that embrace your body and energy field.” continues Divine.

Divine Blessings offers moderately priced / high value for extraordinaire clothing:

ª Clothing with a Cause – ‘Uplifting the World One Breath at a Time’

ª Supporting individuals working through Anxiety Challenges

ª Ultra Soft & Comfortable

ª Washes & Wears Very Nicely

ª Eco-Friendly Water Based Inks

ª Practices Sustainability in every possible way

ª On top of ALL – MADE IN THE USA

Divine Blessings’ messages came to Divine while recovering from a very debilitating work related injury that gave Divine the opportunity to step into Her True Higher Self, through the practice of conscious breathing, meditation and prayer, allowing Her healing and calling Her to Be-Ing of Greater Service in assisting others, who are ready to shift from their lower to higher Infinite Self…

Divine Blessings Yoga Inspired Clothing Line’s current collections follows the personal journey of Divine’s transformational healing experience, taking Her from the place of ‘breathe-breathe some more…’, which prompts One to quiet their mind, through several transformative healing levels including ‘love-love some more…’, ‘Om-Om Some More…’, ‘I Am That I Am…’, ‘Be Still and Know…’, to ‘Bliss…Pure Bliss’, ending with ‘Namaste’ the Great Spirit in Me salutes the Great Spirit in You … recognizing …We are All One!