Healthy vending industry leader YoNaturals has announced today the launch of a new program allowing health clubs nationwide to lease high-tech vending machines that offer a wide range of best-selling products. The carefully selected brand names include Isopure, Fiji Water, Pure Protein, Muscle Milk and Vitamin Water, among the other 150 choices, all of which can be ordered on-line with ease and feature nationwide delivery. YoNaturals has even added i-pod accessories, earphones and other convenience based items such as deodorant to complement its product range.

The innovative vending program allows health club staff to focus on their most important task: signing up new members, without having to worry about restocking or theft of products behind the counter.

There is a lot of competition for the attention of potential customers in the fitness industry. As interest in health and wellness has grown over the years, so have the number of gyms and health clubs that cater to fitness-minded individuals. Gas prices and busy schedules make the ever wider array of home gym alternatives more attractive each day. More than ever, gym staff need freedom from distractions in order to focus on the most important part of their job: selling memberships.

By allowing the gym owner to self-operate the vending machines quickly and efficiently, staff can focus entirely on expanding membership. Product orders are placed online effortlessly and orders are delivered directly to the club at designated times. YoNaturals will even provide a product development specialist to assist you in choosing the best products to sell. The only other job is to collect the revenue!

Our YoNaturals Health Club Vending program was developed to meet the demands of health conscious consumers who are seeking natural and organic drinks and snacks, said Mark Trotter, CEO of YoNaturals. We recognize that club owners want to offer these products but have been prohibited from offering a large selection due to employee theft and shrinkage.

The systems that many health clubs currently have in place are very vulnerable to theft. Some members help themselves to a protein bar, while a staff member might grab a bottle of water for lunch. This leads to an inefficient and wasteful system which is not very profitable for a gym. The YoNaturals health club vending program thwarts theft without any assistance from staff members and without sacrificing convenience. The machines are equipped to handle credit and debit card transactions, which have been shown to increase purchase frequency and quantity as much as 30%.

We talk to health club managers and owners daily who™ve discovered YoNaturals and we™ve responded with a ‘no money down’ program with small monthly payments where the clubs get to keep all of the profits, said Trotter.

The vending machines also allow use of simple pre-paid member cards which can be used to make purchases. The machine indicates the available credit before each purchase and the health club receives the funds in advance each time credit is added to the card.

The machines are definitely working for us; we are a fitness club so people are obviously very health conscious. There™s also a machine down by where the kids are, so everyone appreciates the wide array of healthy fitness and workout related products, says Jay Marx of Hockessin Athletic Club.

The machines can be leased for as little as $35 per week. Profit from the sale of each product ranges from $0.75 to $2.25, which can be used to offset the lease payments each month. Any amount over the payment is 100% profit for the health club. If your machine can sell 8-10 products a day, the lease payment is covered and the rest is money in the bank!

Any health club interested in how YoNaturals can improve sales while decreasing workload and theft should visit to secure an incredible new vending machine specifically designed for gyms.

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Mark Trotter, 858-794-9955 ext. 102