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There is enormous untapped potential in working with a social media influencer; in fact, I have built my client list by the thousands at my day spa by having strategic partnerships with influencers.

Quite simply, I let other people do the marketing for me — and I can reach my target audience through an influencer’s recommendation. You can do this too.

There’s no doubt that social media is king when it comes to marketing. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Partnering with bloggers, influencers, and local celebrities can bring in big bucks for your business.

1. Choose Whom to Target

Choosing the right social media influencer can grow your client list tremendously. The first step is to grab a pen and paper and brainstorm some local influencers and bloggers you admire. This could be a mommy blogger (just search your city + mom blog to find one near you) or a local celebrity such as an athlete, news anchor, artist or popular band.

Write down the names of all the people you can think of who have an audience that reflects your ideal client.

We can post as much as we want on social media, but unless we are investing a lot in ads, it can be difficult to get our name in front of new people. Algorithms love organic content, so collaborating with a social media influencer will get your niche content directly into the feeds of a target audience that you previously didn’t have access to.

2. Create a Relationship with a Social Media Influencer

The second step is to create a relationship with the influencer by following their content and taking time to get to know their personality and what their likes and preferences are.

Get on their radar before reaching out

 I typically like to use the 3-2-1 rule: Like 3 posts, comment on 2, and private message once. If they have a podcast, I subscribe to it. If they have an email list, I sign up for it. If they have a great blog post, I share it with my audience. If they make products, I support them.

3. Approach the Social Media Influencer with Your Proposal

The third step is to contact the influencer with a collaborative proposal. I typically offer a free service or product in exchange for social media marketing with photos or videos.

A lot of bloggers like doing giveaways for their readers, so this type of proposal offers their audience a chance to win a fabulous prize while building both email lists.

Following the giveaway, send out a limited number of special offers for their followers. Remember to clarify any restrictions and expectations for the collaboration.

For the proposal email itself, have a call to action. Put yourself in the shoes of the influencer. Think about how you’d like to be approached and what type of email would catch your attention.

How do they speak to their audience? Reflect that tone, and entice them with a simple and enticing offer. Outline why this collaboration will benefit both them and their audience.

We know what’s in it for you — free, high-quality exposure from a trusted source that people like, know and trust. What’s in it for them? Will you be sharing their original content across your social channels as well, thus exposing them to a new audience? Will the collaboration add credibility to the blogger’s portfolio?

The proposal is just like a job interview in the sense that if you’re pitching a collaboration you need to show the benefits.

Use This Template

Here is a template that I have used over & over again when communicating with a social media influencer.

Hi [name],

My name is [blank] and I own [facility name]. I wanted to start off by saying I really love your captivating YouTube channel and wellness blog! I can’t help but to keep scrolling and reading your content since I connect with it in so many aspects of my life. My favorite post so far has been [blank.]

I really think you’ll love collaborating with [biz name], as we have a very similar values. I was wondering if you would be interested in [writing an article, making a video, posting photos + review] about [service] and if so, would you be interested in coming in for a complimentary treatment in exchange for your time?

Feel free to check our website and let us know if there are any particular service you may be interested in trying out at [my website address].

Let me know what resonates with you. : )

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[name + contact info]

Influencers are out there, and it is their business to influence their audiences. Why not harness the power they have to market your massage to a new audience?

About the Author: Rebecca Brumfield runs Badass Bodyworkers, a business that creates a thriving, empowering and supportive community of people who nourish and encourage each other to be total badasses and super rockstars in their healing abilities. She has been in the spa industry since 2008.