It is fairly common for students to come to me and express their feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out. Between working full time, being a student and having a family, it can seem as if there is no air left. They come to me to explain that their particular situation is so stressful that it is to the point of making school less of a priority. I listen, of course, and acknowledge that what they are feeling is valid. Then they want to know what to do. 

“You just do it,” I say. You have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You have to reconnect with why you came to school to be a massage therapist. Just as you made the choice to go to massage school, you have the choice to make it as much as you want it to be. No one said enhancing your life would be an easy road. You are readjusting your life to rejuvenate and refresh your soul, mind and body.

Look around at the other students with whom you are sharing this experience. Are they less busy than you? Doubtfully. Connect with them and build each other up. You must understand you are not alone in this struggle of trying to make your life better.

Whatever your goal is in life, there are always going to be several steps ahead of you. So take a minute, breathe in deep and “just do it” whether you are in school now or wanting to attend. Keep going forward and cherish these times of refining your knowledge. It truly is a blessing to be where you are. 

Amy Atkins, C.M.T., graduated from National Holistic Institute ( to work in the spa industry and build a private clientele. After a successful practice, she pursued a career at National Holistic Institute, where she now teaches a variety of topics within its 720-hour program.