places-to-work-as-a-massage-therapist-webAs you develop your career in massage therapy, you might wonder where you have the option to work. The short answer is, practically anywhere.

Drive several miles in any city, and you will probably pass several opportunities, including day spas, franchise massage clinics, and salons offering massage. Many massage therapists also provide massage in chiropractors’ offices, hospitals, physicians’ offices, gyms and integrative clinics.

1. Health Care Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care jobs account for one of the fastest-growing segments of the profession. In fact, the use of massage therapy in health care is expected to grow by more than 40 percent within the field by 2024. That said, there is concern that future growth in this area will be limited by insurance companies’ willingness to cover massage therapy.

2. Sports Franchises

During many televised football games, the camera cuts to the sidelines, where you will notice massage therapists providing relief to players. Many massage therapists offer pre- and post-event, preventive and rehabilitative massage to professional athletes, Olympians and weekend warriors alike.

Sports franchises employ massage therapists—as do Cirque du Soleil, rodeo organizers, symphonies and other organizations that need to keep athletes and performers healthy.

3. Corporate Massage

Many massage therapists provide on-site chair massage. With that level of portability, they can take massage to a variety of venues, including into corporations or health fairs.

As corporations compete for the best talent, offering health-conscious services to employees is one way to stay competitive. According to a 2013 RAND Health study, participants in corporate wellness programs have fewer medical costs, which saves corporations money. Since “wellness initiatives were cited as the single most effective measure to control overall healthcare costs”, there are growing opportunities for massage therapists to become involved in corporate wellness.

4. Massage for Travelers

Airlines and independent operators have opened spas in airport terminals worldwide to provide stress relief to weary travelers. The Federal Aviation Administration projects consistent annual growth in air travel over the next three decades, which bodes well for continued growth in wellness offerings in airports.

Hotel spas and cruise liners provide other ways to reach the traveling population. Disney, for example, offers many opportunities for guests to receive massage and other spa services; spas are located in several of its hotel properties at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California—as well as aboard the company’s four cruise ships.

Sky’s the Limit

It’s vital that massage therapists parlay their massage training into new areas, expanding the reach of healthy touch. With a career in massage therapy, work location options are limited only by your imagination.


About the Author

Joe Bob Smith is strategic development manager for National Holistic Institute in Studio City, California.