Jacksonville, FL (June 1, 2023) – Zeel, the pioneering on-demand wellness app, has partnered with Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP), a leading provider of professional liability insurance for massage therapists. This collaboration introduces an extended coverage option to Zeel wellness professionals, which includes massage therapists and assisted stretching professionals, encompassing both mobile and online services.

As part of this partnership, Zeel wellness professionals now have access to comprehensive liability insurance coverage through MMIP for an exclusive rate. This partnership also extends coverage to mobile massage services and online wellness consultations. This expanded coverage protects Zeel massage therapists and assisted stretching professionals from potential risks and liabilities associated with providing wellness therapies in such settings as clients’ homes and business offices and offering classes through online platforms.

MMIP has long been recognized as a trusted name in the massage industry, offering tailored insurance solutions to support the unique needs of massage therapists and students, assisted stretching professionals, energy work therapists, and other providers of manual therapy. With this partnership, Zeel wellness professionals can take advantage of MMIP’s extensive coverage options, reliable customer service, and industry expertise to safeguard their practice and provide clients with peace of mind.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Zeel and provide their Zeel massage therapists and assisted stretching professionals with comprehensive coverage that is affordable and tailored to their needs,” said Hannah Young, MMIP marketing manager. “By addressing the evolving needs of manual therapists, we aim to empower Zeel wellness professionals to deliver exceptional services in any location while ensuring their protection.”

In addition to a discounted rate on coverage, Zeel wellness professionals will gain access to MMIP’s exclusive member benefits package, which includes free online continuing education courses, discounted rates on certifications, and assistance with streamlining additional insurance options like health, dental, and disability plans.

Zeel is poised to significantly increase its ranks of massage professionals, as it is launching a nationwide recruitment campaign. The intended increased number of Zeel massage professionals will support Zeel’s new partnership with the U.S. Veterans Administration, through which Zeel massage therapists work directly with military veterans.

About Massage Magazine Insurance Plus:

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) offers a comprehensive liability insurance program for massage therapists, massage students, energy work therapists, and other manual therapy professionals. With a focus on protecting practitioners, MMIP provides extensive coverage options, exceptional customer service, and valuable resources to support the success of massage therapists across the nation.

About Zeel:

Zeel is an innovative wellness app that connects individuals with licensed massage therapists for on-demand, onsite services. By providing clients with access to high-quality, convenient massage therapy, Zeel is revolutionizing the wellness industry.

Media Contact:

Hannah Young

MMIP Marketing Manager