The Zero Balancing Health Association congratulates Zero Balancing (ZB) faculty member Donna Cerio on completing her doctoral studies in Integrated Health Sciences through the International University of Professional Studies. Currently Donna is the Director and Principal Provider at The Cerio Institute in Santa Cruz County, California, an organization dedicated to providing therapeutic and educational resources for the local and global community ( As part of her doctoral studies, Donna developed an advanced ZB class, Delivering Zero Balancing to Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and published a similarly titled guidebook for Zero Balancers.  Donna’s class will be offered July 23-26 in Des Moines, Iowa. 

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 Zero Balancing is a hands-on body-mind system of therapy that balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of the body.   Aligning energy with structure enhances the body’s natural healing processes and supports optimum health.