Zero Balancing Founder Fritz Smith, M.D., and Zero Balancing (ZB) faculty members will gather for the 8th Annual ZB Benefit at historic Claymont Retreat Center in Charles Town, West Virginia, which will be held April 30 through May 2, 2010. The benefit is an opportunity to share in the exploration of new and exciting territory with the support of numerous ZB faculty members and fellow practitioners.

“Fields We Live In” is the topic for the benefit program. According to Smith, “The subject of fields is so much larger than our background fields that permeate the entire body and extend out to form the ‘auric field.’ In our time together, we will explore ‘fields’ and ways to work with them. In a sense, we live in a sea of fields—as fish live in the sea of water—which give a basis of interconnection of everything.” Benefit participants will explore how Zero Balancing relates to this larger field, and what the implications are for doing a Zero Balancing session.

Friday’s optional daytime program is a “Tapas Day,” offered by ZB faculty and including short demonstrations of specialty fulcrums that will enhance any practitioner’s work. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice fulcrums and receive feedback in small groups with a variety of teachers. The student prerequisite is completion of ZB I. The benefit offers 15 continuing education units and Tapas Day an additional four.

Zero Balancing is a hands-on body-mind system of therapy that balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of the body. Aligning energy with structure enhances the body’s natural healing processes and supports optimum health. For more information about the Annual ZB Benefit or about Zero Balancing in general, visit or phone the Zero Balancing Health Association at (410) 381-8956.