05-12-09 — Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, a brand recognized for fostering the growth of the Fair Trade, organic movement, in conjunction with Whole Foods Market, Inc.  the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket, announced the introduction of a new line of Demeter certified Biodynamic balanced teas. The teas will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market through July 1st.

“We are excited to roll out these biodynamic teas from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea,” said Errol Schweizer, associate global grocery coordinator. “They represent the highest standards of organic agriculture and dovetail nicely with our quality standards.”

Implementing holistic practice to the care and vitality of soil and plants, the new line of Demeter certified teas offers the ultimate pure experience of health-enhancing leaves, fruits and botanicals, grown and processed according to the highest sustainable agricultural and environmental cannons. Regarded by some proponents as the first modern ecological farming system, Biodynamic farming preserves the land by upgrading and nourishing the soil and plant life through special processes and emphasis that exclude the use of chemicals in the soil and offers one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural method. Biodynamic is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement in the West, predating the organic farming movement by 20 years.

“These new teas could be considered the original green tea,” said Stuart Gold, the company’s Chief Innovation Officer.  Gold, a tea industry veteran who has done much to help grow the premium, specialty tea category, added, “There are a lot of trendy approaches to being green right now, but these new Biodynamic certified offerings truly set the benchmark for teas that support a healthier and more sustainable environment. We are pleased to meet the extremely rigid parameters to be Demeter certified Biodynamic and be part of the movement that is world renowned for strengthening the setting for sustainable agriculture and the healthful purity of food.”

The five new Demeter certified Biodynamic green tea experiences include; VANILLA BLUEBERRY, KIWI PEACH, MANGO GINGER, CARAMELIZED PEAR, and BLACK FOREST BERRY. Available in 15 eco-friendly sachets, beautifully packaged for functionality and conservation, in recyclable, air-tight tins, that keeps the tea fresh.

“Worldwide Demeter has been recognized as a quality seal for decades,” stated Demeter’s Marketing Director, Elizabeth Candelario. “We are excited to have Whole Foods and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea contribute their prominent roles to the message and growth of Demeter certified products in the US market.”

Zhena Muzyka, company founder who worked directly with growers, farmers and the Demeter organization added,  “The same way we helped transform the tea category with our commitment to more socially responsible and healthier teas, we are very proud to deliver this exceptional experience of our biodynamic line of teas.”

About Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Headquartered in Ojai, California, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a pro-active purpose based brand, whose goal it is to make a difference in people’s lives by offering only premium teas that benefit consumer’s health and the health of the planet. A socially responsible business with a commitment to improve the social, economical and environmental well-being of the world, through its unique offerings of prized and exquisite Fair Trade(TM), organic and Biodynamic teas and herbs, the company works toward social justice, humanitarian causes and earth-friendly, sustainable, ethical business. To learn more/ 800.448.0803 www.gypsytea.com Marketing Director: Jaime Dorsey, Jaime@gypsytea.com

About Demeter-USA

Demeter-USA, a non-profit organization, is the only certification agent for Biodynamic farms, processors and products in the United States. Demeter inspectors personally visit farms and processors each year. To learn more/ 541. 929.7148 www.demeter-usa.org