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Spa Student Scholarship Open Now
posted: 3/20/2014
Are you a student enrolled full time in a bachelor's or master's program who has considered becoming a spa professional? If so, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation.

Massage Therapists: Win $1,000 Cash in Professional Spring Sweepstakes
posted: 3/17/2014
MASSAGE Magazine has partnered with Massage Magazine Insurance Plus to offer massage therapists a chance to win one of three great prizes in its 2014 Professional Spring Sweepstakes. The grand prize is $1,000 in cash; second prize is a $500 gift card to Massage Warehouse; and the third prize is a $100 gift card to Bon Vital.'

Massage Therapists: Win Massage Stones from Med-Stone Enterprises LLC
posted: 3/10/2014
During the month of March, three lucky people will win a massage-stone package from Med-Stone Enterprises LLC as part of MASSAGE Magazine's March Facebook Giveaway.

Free Webinar Explores Starting a New Business
posted: 3/3/2014
Massage therapy is a second career for many people. If you are age 50 or older, you are invited to a free webinar titled, Are You Ready to Start Your Small Business?

MASSAGE Magazine Seeks Input for CAM Article
posted: 2/27/2014
MASSAGE Magazine needs to hear from massage professionals who are part of a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) network. Selected therapists will be included in an upcoming feature article.

Massage Plus Ginger Oil Improves Back Pain in Adults
posted: 2/27/2014
A new randomized, controlled trial compared Swedish massage with aromatic ginger oil (SMGO) on chronic low back pain and disability in older adults with traditional Thai massage (TTM).

NCCAM Publishes Report on Massage Therapy
posted: 2/24/2014
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a center within the National Institutes of Health, this month published a report titled, Massage Therapy for Health Purposes.

New Research Shows Stress Contributes to Headache
posted: 2/20/2014
A new study indicates having more stress in your life leads to more headaches. For the study, 5,159 people age 21 to 71 in the general population were surveyed about their stress levels and headaches four times a year for two years. Participants stated how many headaches they had per month and rated their stress level on a scale of zero to 100.

Enter to Win a Gallon of Ayurveda Massage Lotion from Soothing Touch
posted: 2/18/2014
Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is offering massage therapists a chance to win a gallon of Ayurveda massage lotion, courtesy of Soothing Touch, in its February Facebook Giveaway.

Workplace Wellness Programs Result in Some Health Care Savings
posted: 2/17/2014
Health care costs related to employees with chronic diseases may be reduced via workplace wellness programs; however, costs aren't necessarily lowered by encouraging other workers to adopt healthier lifestyles. (MASSAGE Magazine has previously reported on massage therapy as a component of workplace wellness programs.)

PTSD in Servicepeople Studied
posted: 2/16/2014
Massage and related therapies have found to lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a psychiatric condition in which stress reactions become abnormal, chronic and may worsen over time. PTSD is linked to depression, substance abuse, memory and cognition dysfunction suicidal tendencies and other health problems.

For Breast Health, Say Yes to Tomatoes
posted: 2/15/2014
A tomato-rich diet may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer, according to new research.

Reduce Diabetes Risk with Yogurt
posted: 2/14/2014
Higher consumption of yogurt, compared with no consumption, can reduce the risk of new-onset type 2 diabetes by 28 percent, according to new research.

Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact with Premature Infants are Seen 10 Years Later
posted: 2/12/2014
Children as old as 10 years of age experience benefits from healthy touch received as an infant, new research suggests.

Enter to Win a Massage Table Package from Oakworks
posted: 2/11/2014
MASSAGE Magazine and Oakworks have partnered to offer massage therapists the chance to win a Nova Massage Table Package with ABC System from Oakworks.

Breaking News: The Coalition of National Massage Therapy Organizations Publishes Entry-Level Analysis Project
posted: 2/10/2014
This morning the Coalition of National Massage Therapy Organizations announced the publication of its Entry-Level Analysis Project, which recommends core content and training hours for massage therapy students.

Stress, Genetics and Heart Health
posted: 2/10/2014
The deleterious effects of stress on the human body have been well documented, as have the stress-reducing effects of massage therapy. New, unrelated, research indicates a genetic trait known to make some people especially sensitive to stress also appears to be responsible for a 38 percent increased risk of heart attack or death in patients with heart disease, scientists at Duke Medicine report.

Teaching Physicians to Speak with Compassion
posted: 2/9/2014
A group of researchers is working to systematically pinpoint and catalogue compassionate words and actions in doctor-patient conversations. By breaking down the dialogue and studying the context, they hope to create a behavioral taxonomy that will guide medical training and education.

Steps to Take Now to Ward off Dementia
posted: 2/8/2014
Five health behaviors - regular exercise, not smoking, maintaining a low body weight, eating a healthy diet and refraining from excessive alcohol intake - are integral to staying healthy in body and mind.

Gender Differences in Word-of-Mouth Communication
posted: 2/7/2014
Massage therapists depend on word-of-mouth to generate appointments, and negative word-of-mouth conversations can impact a massage practice negatively. A new study suggests that men and women go about word-of-mouth communication in different ways.

Massage Coalition Releases Statement In Advance of Entry-Level Analysis Project
posted: 2/6/2014
The Coalition of National Massage Therapy Organizations this week shared a statement in support of the Entry-Level Analysis Project (ELAP), which was created by the coalition. Details about ELAP will be published later this month.

Facial Muscles Say it All
posted: 2/5/2014

MASSAGE Magazine's February Issue Available Now
posted: 2/4/2014
Today's fathers want to feel emotionally connected to, and bonded with, their children. Learn how infant massage connects fathers and babies, in the February 2014 issue's cover story, Father-Baby Bonding: Infant Massage Builds Bridges that Last a Lifetime, by Tina Allen.

Feeling Pain? Blame Your Brain
posted: 2/3/2014
New research indicates brain structure could reveal why some people are more sensitive to pain than others.

Stay Smart with Exercise
posted: 2/2/2014
Among U.S. adults age 50 and older, staying mentally sharp outranks social security and physical health as the top priority and concern. A new study shows aerobic exercise could be the key to mental sharpness.

New Report Highlights Spa Trends for 2014
posted: 2/1/2014
A report from Spafinder Wellness forecasts spa-and-wellness trends.

Don't Wait for Palliative Care
posted: 1/31/2014
Massage therapy is oftentimes a component of palliative care. A new review suggests patients with serious illnesses should be given access to palliative care at the same time they receive standard medical care, rather than receiving palliative care only after traditional treatment has failed, according to a press release from the American Cancer Society.

MASSAGE Magazine Seeks Olympic Massage Therapists
posted: 1/30/2014
Massage therapy is a valued part of the Olympic medical team; many sports have their own massage therapists on staff as well. If you are on your way to Sochi or know a massage therapist who is, please respond here or send an email to to be profiled in MASSAGE Magazine.

Massage Therapy Foundation Awards Grants
posted: 1/29/2014
The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has announced the recipients of four $5,000 community service grants.

U.S. Health Care's High Price
posted: 1/27/2014
A new study shows the U.S. health care system ranks 22nd out of 27 high-income nations when analyzed for its efficiency of turning dollars spent into extending lives.

Avocado Satisfies
posted: 1/26/2014
Long maligned as a fatty fruit, the avocado is having its day. A new study shows eating half an avocado at lunch creates a feeling of satiety and helps people stay true to their diets.

Muscle Strengthening Could Reduce Diabetes Risk
posted: 1/24/2014

MASSAGE Magazine Invites Nominations for Massage Therapist of the Year and Massage Organization of the Year
posted: 1/23/2014
MASSAGE Magazine has launched a new awards program to honor one Massage Therapist of the Year and one Massage Organization of the Year. These awards will recognize individuals and groups working to promote the profession of massage therapy.

Enter to Win an Online Scheduling Service Year from Simply Appointments
posted: 1/22/2014
Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is offering its Facebook fans a chance to win a one-year single staff subscription to Simply Appointments, as part of its January Facebook Giveaway.

Polio Survivors Use Massage to Improve Quality of Life
posted: 1/21/2014
Massage therapy and acupuncture are the complementary therapies used most by people who live with post-polio syndrome to enhance their quality of life.

Massage Therapy Foundation Announces 2013 Student Case Report Contest Winners
posted: 1/21/2014
The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) recently announced the winners of its annual Student Case Report Contest. For the first time, all of the winners are from Canada.

Massage Heights Opens 100th Location
posted: 1/18/2014
Massage Heights, a membership-based massage franchise company, recently opened its 100th location, Massage Heights Iowa River Landing, in Coralville, Iowa.

Massage Therapy Foundation Announces 2013 Practitioner Case Report Contest Winners
posted: 1/16/2014
The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) recently announced the winners of its annual Practitioner Case Report Contest.

Enter to Win Products from Comfort Craft
posted: 1/15/2014
MASSAGE Magazine and Comfort Craft have partnered to offer massage therapists the chance to win massage therapy products. One winner will receive a T-Base Stool and Sideline Leg Pillow, valued at $500.

Apply Now for Business of the Year Award
posted: 1/13/2014
Are you a successful massage therapist? If so, your business could be chosen as a winner in the 2014 National Small Business Week Awards.

California Massage Therapy Council Gets Tough on Prostitution
posted: 1/12/2014
The California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) has proposed new legislation to give cities more power to fight prostitution, according to an article in the Pasadena Star-News newspaper.

Veterans' Caregivers Taught to Provide Massage
posted: 1/10/2014
An article published in The Journal of Supportive Oncology highlighted research that studied the feasibility of using a multimedia program to teach caregivers of veterans with cancer how to offer basic massage for supportive care at home. It also found the home-care massage provided relief from pain, anxiety and fatigue.

Massage Therapy Foundation Announces 2014 Boston Marathon Running for Research Team Members
posted: 1/9/2014

MASSAGE Magazine Invites Nominations for Massage Therapist of the Year and Massage Organization of the Year
posted: 1/8/2014
MASSAGE Magazine has launched a new awards program to honor one Massage Therapist of the Year and one Massage Organization of the Year. These awards will recognize individuals and groups working to promote the profession of massage therapy.

MASSAGE's January Issue is On Newsstands Now
posted: 1/8/2014
MASSAGE Magazine ( publishes an annual directory of educators, businesses and manufacturers serving the massage and spa fields. Our 2014 Buyers Guide is packed with information about the goods and services therapists can use in sessions and to run their businesses. This year's issue also features a special Product Showcase.

Aromatherapy Relieves Teachers' Stress
posted: 1/7/2014
New research shows aromatherapy relieved work-related stress in teachers.

USA Today Reports on Massage
posted: 1/5/2014
As good as a back rub from your sweetie feels, sometimes you need the hands of a professional, reads an article published recently in USA Today. That's because a growing body of evidence suggests muscle therapy provides a long and varied list of health benefits.

Would You Like a Violin with Your Massage?
posted: 1/3/2014
According an article published by Skin Inc., a spa in Switzerland has launched the Violin Touch treatment.

2013: A Look Back at the Year in Massage
posted: 1/1/2014
2013 is almost gone, and so we take a moment to look back on the year. In 2013, MASSAGE Magazine launched a student scholarship and a sample giveaway program. The magazine also partnered with industry vendors to give away massage tables, gift certificates, self-care tools and massage products via the magazine's Facebook giveaway program. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus also gave away numerous products via its Facebook giveaway program.

Elements Massage Franchise to Expand into Canada
posted: 12/31/2013
Elements Massage, a nationwide franchise massage business, has announced plans to expand into Canada.

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