Sparking the launch of their 50% off blitz for online business, from SEO provider comes indication that the financial downturn may not be as bad for online businesses as may be predicted in the offline world, given for the right financial planning by website business.

(PRWEB) October 9, 2008 — The signs are clear, each day brings more financial despair in the markets, and as consumers become more frugal with their spend, online business need to do more to retain the same level of income. warns online business that they need to look more closely at their market, and how in fact offline spend could become the benefit to them, through an increase in online spend.

Consumers requiring products and services may increasingly look to the internet to source their requirements without leaving their home, with the expense of topping up the family vehicle for the drive, the expense of the high street and all that goes with the high street spend, online stores and other online business could see great benefit as time passes. also additionally warn though that online business should not be complacent and need to act now in order to retain, maintain and in fact increase consumer foot-flow and sales.

High street stores place sales on their products normally during summer and post Christmas periods, when spend is generally less, they place pricing sales on the products they wish to sell more of. At the same time they advertise such sales in the media that will bring consumers to their store.

The online world, advise, should be no different. The consumer is still there, but they are thinking twice about spending, and of course with the internet it is more important than ever to ensure advertsing spend is kept at least alive to ensure visibility of the website to the potential customer.

Attaining good search engine rankings now can help see a business through the turbulant time of the current financial downturn. Unlike a high street store where foot-flow simply ‘walks on by’, internet business need to be on the virtual high street to be seen. This means good value advertising, good natural search engine rankings and more importantly that when the potential customer reaches the website that the site is displaying either a sale or something so unique that the potential customer turns into an actual customer.

To demonstrate the success of such an activity has turned a 48 hour period into a 50% Off Sale period. Online for 6 years, with almost 5,000 clients during the period, affords its experience by providing its very own search engine visibility packages at half the usual price – to help online business, by providing to them a route to exposure at half the price as would normally be found on their site.

Servicewrap urge online businesses to look closely and identify the best ways to keep the consumer ‘foot-flow’ passing their website, and how when reached to turn that consumer into an actual buying customer. Simply having a website and selling a product or service is no longer the answer, business must act, and act now in order to remain profitable during what is not just a local financial downturn, but a national one.

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