To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Easy Steps to Success: Create a Massage Practice that Stands Out,” , in the April 2011 issue. Article summary: Among a sea of competitors, standing out can be the key to success. Small steps can take your practice to the next level To rise above the rest, get creative and consistent with your marketing and outreach efforts, know your way around online and in-person networking, and never forget to provide the best possible client experience.

by Rebecca Savich

Every therapist and spa owner knows there is a lot of competition out there. Although there are many ways to make your practice stand out, staying cutting edge with equipment may be the best way to keep and create a buzz about your business. To stay complacent with what you always did before, or what you have always used before, might not be good enough anymore.

A prime example is the new birth of massage tables. Your basic, flat massage table can still have a place, but the new systems that are being built into massage tables today are creating miraculous comforts for the client and adding a much-needed level of convenience for the therapist.

One example is the new adjustable systems designed for breast comfort. There are portable as well as fully electric varieties to fit the needs of your practice. These tables can make a big difference in how full your appointment book may become.

I spoke with Lucy Yeh, a certified massage therapist, who uses such a table. “My practice is in [Los Angeles], and word-of-mouth is everything here,” she says. “If I can’t provide my clients with the best possible massage, they will go elsewhere.

“Since I work a lot with naturally and augmented large-breasted women, I sought out a high-quality portable breast-support table. The one I chose provides an adjustable support platform for breasts,” Yeh continues. “For many of my clients, this specialty table allows them to receive a full therapeutic massage without causing pain and swelling of the breast tissue. Purchasing this table has absolutely paid off by increasing my business and repeat business.”

As your main piece of massage equipment, your choice of massage table has a lot to do with your success. Today’s revolution of new multifunctional massage tables is solving many issues and allowing therapists to be creative.

Do your research. Go to massage events and spa conventions, and read the magazines and blogs. And remember, you don’t want your practice to be left behind; you want your practice to stand out.

Rebecca Savich, is the inventor of the ABC system. She lives in Los Angeles, California, where she founded a massage and medical table-design company, Contour Table Systems (