Every day organizations hire people without knowing which new hire might be their next workers™ compensation claim. To help employers ensure that job candidates are physically able to perform the requirements of the job, The Horton Group offers pre-employment strength testing at their Waukesha location.

This reliable and effective test can be performed on a pre-employment basis and is compliant with all applicable employment practices related laws and regulations. The test takes 15 minutes and is administered by a professional technician. The test helps ensure a qualified applicant is properly matched to the physical demands of the job. This test can screen out applicants whose lack of physical strength prevents them from performing the functions of the job being offered. Lack of strength can be the result of poor physical conditioning or even prior injuries and the resultant loss of strength.

Isokinetic testing, long used in the rehabilitation of professional athletes, is the technology used in this pre-employment testing process. The test measures an applicant’s strength in the shoulders, knees, and back. While this technology is most commonly used to thoroughly screen job applicants, it can also be used to evaluate the extent of injuries that occur following employment by measuring current results against the pre-employment baseline. This can help determine if an injury, or loss of strength, has occurred since the pre-employment test was administered.

Pre-employment strength testing can be used by employers in all applications, but is most effective when evaluating jobs that require significant strength, effort, and labor. Testing is currently being performed for construction employers, manufacturing and industrial firms, transportation and warehousing operations, public entity, and municipal operations.

To find out more about the Horton Group or to view the schedule of upcoming workshops visit www.thehortongroup.com/workshops. For more information about pre-employment strength testing visit www.thehortongroup.com/strengthtesting or contact Michelle Mikrut of Network Safety Consultants, Inc. at 866/335-3668 or mmikrut@networksafetyconsultants.com.

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