From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “How To Raise Your Session Fees,” by Jenny Hogan, in the May 2010 issue. Article summary: Raising your service prices is necessary for the advancement of your professional career. This article covers how to know it’s time to raise prices, how much to raise them, how often and how to inform clientele.

by Jenny Hogan with Lauren Gartland

1. Place signs in your treatment room

2. Send an e-mail to your client list or mail out an announcement letter.

3. Take time to word your announcement professionally and positively. Always open with a “thank you” for the clients’ business and acknowledgement of your appreciation of them.

For example: “We take great pride in our commitment to quality service. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and we appreciate your business. As of (date) our new prices are as follows (prices). Thank you for your continued business; we look forward to serving you in the future.”

4. State the exact date of the price increase.

5. Consider offering a value-added service, discount or special gift. You could offer a complimentary add-on treatment, a free product with purchase or a punch card for a free massage service or products after 10 appointments. (Of course, if you have presold a package for massage or spa services, you will need to honor the price the package reflects.)

6. If you are changing your massage or spa offerings or adding new services, be sure to include a short but powerful description of them.

7. “Remember that money is simply an exchange of value. People will pay more as long as they feel they are receiving more than they are paying,” notes Inspiring Champions founder Lauren Gartland. Always keep yourself up to date on the best massage and spa services you can provide your clients and let them know the worth you are providing. Educate them on the health benefits and stress reduction of regular massage. By offering additional add-on services to their regular appointment, you can give them extra value and results while also bumping up your revenues.

8. Have a few names of trusted colleagues in your area that you can provide to clients who decide not to return once you have raised your fees.

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