by Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T.

Creating and Selling Prepaid, Multi-Use PackagesCreating prepaid “punch cards” for your massage practice can increase your income and client retention. This simple piece has been used by retail businesses for many years. In most cases, it is used to create customer loyalty by providing a discount or freebie after a specific number of uses. However, with a massage business, the client will purchase services in advance and the discount will be given at the beginning. By purchasing in advance, a client is more likely to continue to come to you until the services paid for are rendered. This creates client loyalty and retention.

To create these prepaid cards, you can use a template found in Microsoft Word or SuperScript (the word processor found in Massage Office). The template that will be used is the Avery #8865 for laser printers or Avery #8871 for ink jet printers. These are a micro-perforated business card stock. They can be printed on both sides in most cases and are the perfect size for a wallet. This template comes standard in Microsoft Word.

From the Word menu bar, click “Tools” then “Envelopes and Labels” or “Letters and Mailings” then “Envelopes and Labels,” depending on your version of Word. When the dialog box opens, click the “Labels” tab at the top and then click the “Options” button. You will see a list of Avery product numbers and descriptions in the lower left corner of the window. Simply choose the number that corresponds with the product you purchased. Click “OK” and then click the “New Document” button. Bingo! You can now create a new punch card document.

You can easily change the artwork and packages to adjust for the best combinations. Each card has an area to be “punched out,” which makes it easy for you and your customer to keep track of how many uses are left on the card. You can insert these “punch circles” from the menu bar by clicking “Insert” then “Symbol.” Choose the “Wingdings” font and then find the punch circle you wish to use and click the “Insert” button.

I like to create several packages from which to choose. This provides variety as well as a wide price range. For example, you can have punch cards for $110 for two massages, all the way up to $560 for a “Royal Spoil,” which may include 10 sessions of Aroma-Steam, body scrub and massage. I suggest printing more of the most expensive packages than the less expensive. After tracking sales of these cards over five years, my company found that we sold more of the $560 cards than the $110 cards by 10 to 1! Clients that plan to keep coming in know a good deal when they see one. They will buy the $500-plus packages, and have a tendency to let their friends and family use their card as a gift. This will get you more clients.

I also suggest printing your name, phone number and e-mail on the back of the card. This will make it simple for them to contact you. People tend to misplace and lose business cards, but they rarely lose cards that cost them $500. I hope you sell lots of these.

Here is a pricing chart that corresponds with the punch cards in the example:

Package Price Regular Price Savings
Twin Pack (two massages) $110 $120 $10
Just 4 You (four massages) $210 $240 $30
Preventive maintenance (four sessions with massage and body scrub) $250 $305 $55
Royal Spoil (10 sessions with Aroma-Steam, massage and body scrub) $560 $715 $155


Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T., is president of Island Software Company,