To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Soft Landing: Sessions Accessories to Increase Client Comfort,” , in the October 2010 issue. Article summary: Certainly, the hands of the massage therapist are the main catalyst for stress relief and relaxation. With the right combination of fabric accessories—linens, bolsters and pillows—the effects of a massage session, and the sense of oasis, can be enhanced to luxurious levels.

by Robert Mishkin

This article is written to help you make wise and thoughtful choices for your linen and overall table dressing. 

The spa-linen industry has dramatically evolved over the last five years, and will continue to evolve. The choices of linen five years ago were limited to flannel sheets or twin-size sheets. The typical spa treatment table is 31 inches by 73 inches. A twin sheet is 67 inches by 97 inches, too large for the treatment table, resulting in excess fabric and an unkempt appearance. Today, companies create massage linens in sizes to fit massage tables. 

Your sheet choices include microfiber sheet, which is less expensive than an Egyptian cotton sheet, yet more than a thread count of 180, with a much longer life, quicker drying time and no ironing needed.

Another option is a cotton/poly blend. This is generally a good choice because of its softness and durability. However, the useful life is closer to a 100-percent cotton sheet and far less than a microfiber sheet. Also, the cotton/poly blend is not easily recyclable, as the microfiber sheet is.

An elegant table will also include an attractive, welcoming, warm blanket or coverlet. These can range from cotton waffle, to chenille to micro-satins. Before deciding which product works for you, decide the purpose of the blanket: a look, warmth or both.

Finally, when selecting your massage-table linens and coverings, I strongly recommend you interview the supplier with equal enthusiasm. If you consider quality linen will last 300-plus washes, then the initial purchase price is not as important as the guarantee if the linen fails to go the distance.

Robert Mishkin co-designs, manufactures and sells spa bedding with Comphy Co., a business is dedicated to continually researching and exploring fabric science and, when appropriate, applying new technologies to spa bedding. For more information, visit