Three UW-Madison grads invest to promote the organic message through organic and recycled products

MADISON, WI, June 16, 2010—I’m Organic LLC, a company specializing in organic and eco-friendly products, was recently acquired and restarted by three UW-Madison graduates: Kevin Scharnek, Steve Royko and Justin Hajny. Their mission is to simply spread the organic message through fun, fair, safe and eco-minded products. 

According to I’m Organic president Hajny, the way to make big strides on a large scale is by getting individuals to start with small, manageable steps.

“Though we know no one can be 100 percent organic all of the time,” explains Hajny, “I’m Organic believes small choices make a big difference. Choosing organic plays a critical role in creating wellbeing and reducing our impact on the planet.” 

Hajny feels that the environment is ripe for this company. 

“The organic movement is reaching the point where more people see ways that they can incorporate eco-friendly choices into their lifestyles, and we’re here to help with that,” says Hajny. “I’m Organic® products are designed to help people spread the word in fun ways by communicating a message, such as ‘Powered by Organic Food,’ ‘I Love Organics,’ ‘Kiss Me – I’m Organic,’ ‘Imagine Green,’ and even ‘Healthy Crops. Healthy Craps.’”

According to the Organic Exchange, retail sales of organic cotton apparel and home textiles totaled $4.3 billion globally, increasing by 35 percent over 2008 sales, showing the power of organic products even in a recession. 

“The growth in acceptance of organic products is really what drives us, because more organic sales equals healthier soil, air, water and people,” says Hajny. “While promoting a healthy message, we also hope to help take the intimidation out of living an organic lifestyle–to make it seem approachable so everyone feels like they can adapt organic practices into their own life.” 

As leaders in the trend of organic living, I’m Organic® is capturing and contributing to a global community voice. 

Committed to walking their talk when it comes to organic and natural living, I’m Organic® only uses and offers products that are made with natural, organic, recyclable, or compostable materials. Currently I’m Organic® offers organic cotton apparel for infants, children, adults, and dogs, organic cotton lunch bags and tote bags, compostable corn plastic mugs, recycled greeting cards, and 100 percent recycled wristbands through its website and retail partners. Hajny is planning further growth of I’m Organic® offerings in infant and children’s apparel.  

The company also works with businesses to supply them with eco-friendly promotional products, from pens to caps to key chains to shirts. This allows businesses to show their employees and customers that they also believe in sustainable living. 

For more information about I’m Organic®, visit or contact