Imagine Using Your Sense of Smell to Help Manage Your Emotions, Alleviate Stress, Curb Cravings and Treat a Variety of Psychological and Physiological Problems

The past several years has seen a whole new generation of scent products that are taking advantage of new research in the science of smell.

Shelf space for room deodorizers, scented plug-ins and sprays has increased dramatically. Scented candles are a billion industry. Aromatherapy is booming. Walk into any pharmacy, grocery, or supermarket and you’ll see how scents are being added to many household product lines. These products, and hundreds like them, are delivering a new awareness of the use of scents in our lives.

The latest entry is a sleek aromapod inhaler which allows consumers the benefit of aromas on-the-go. Instead of dispersing the aromas into the environment, the aromapod is infused with essential oils or fragrances thus eliminating the need to handle the messy liquids. These aromapods are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse and can be use wherever and whenever the user wants to.

The utilization of aromas and scents – both synthetic and natural – is a major new trend. Where are the potential markets in this trend? Imagine:

  • Aromas that have health and medical benefits.
  • Aromas that help you manage your moods.
  • Aromas that motivate workers, calm employees, focus staff.
  • Aromas you inhale for your pleasure … not someone else’s.
  • Aromas that are customized to your personality … like perfumes.
  • Aromas designed for niche markets: demographics, sports, weight loss, etc.
  • Aromas that could be discretely enjoyed to evoke specific feelings.

All of these aromatic applications are readily available – or being developed – in one way or another. Extensive research into the science of smell is also being conducted in major universities in the UK and the USA. One company, The Sense of Smell Lab has been developing innovative products using some of this research into our sense of smell.

Aromas and scents are not a new product but rather an age-old tradition. Our sense of smell contributes enormously to the quality and enjoyment of our lives and well being. The use of aromas and fragrances in temples and churches, for religious ceremonies, at feasts and celebrations, and for the promotion of love, health and wellness goes back as far as recorded history.

There are two components to a scent product:

The scent profile. All scents are chemical formulas, whether it’s a deodorizer, a fragrant flower or rotten eggs. These chemicals are either synthetically produced or natural, such as essential oils. Essential oils are highly volatile liquids derived from plants, roots, flowers, herbs, trees, bark and fruit. Since they are natural and contain the odor constituents of the plant, essential oils can accomplish results not be achieved by the use of synthetic chemicals.

The delivery system. Usually scents are released into the environment, inhaled and then we become aware of them. In other words, the traditional delivery system, such as diffusers, sprays, plug-ins and candles disperses the aroma into the environment. This broadcasts the scents indiscriminately thereby involving anyone who enters the environment. Personal inhalers, such as the aromapod is a new technology that delivers the aromas directly to the nose of the user.

So while the pharmaceutical companies churn out billions of pills and potions to alter the body’s chemistry using the bloodstream, our sense of smell provides a natural, non invasive approach to better health and wellness.

Imagine using your sense of smell to help manage your emotions, alleviate stress, boost your energy, help curb cravings, enhance your moods and treat a wide variety of psychological and physiological problems.
No drugs. No pills. No potions. Simple. Safe. Effective. And with no side effects.
It’s just a matter of scents.

About the author:
Luke Vorstermans is the Founder and CEO of The Sense of Smell Lab, a leader in pioneering products that use the sense of smell for health, wellness and sheer smelling pleasure. The SOS Lab developed the Sniff n Go aromapod, the Scentuelle libido patch and Scent Therapy product line. Website:; Email: