On-site and outcalls can be very profitable. If you are traveling to the client, be sure to charge for travel, setup and tear-down time. I shudder when a new graduate tells me she charges $60 for outcalls. Your time is valuable; you have spent a lot of money on your education. You should be compensated accordingly. My unsolicited advice is do not charge less than $120 per session if you travel more than 20 miles to the client’s house. In regards to safety, select a friend or family member as your touch-base buddy. Call that person when you arrive to your destination, give him or her the exact address and time you arrive and when you should be done. (Do this in front of the client). What the client doesn’t know is you have already given your touch-base buddy the information prior to knocking on the door. The second touch-base phone call allows you to make up an excuse to leave before the massage starts, if you feel uncomfortable for any reason after entering the client’s home.