Yes, I began using therapeutic grade essential oils in my practice about a year ago. Since I have been in practice for over 8 years it took me awhile to feel comfortable and educating myself of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. I feel that educating my clients about how essential oils help reduce pain or improve their emotional state is much better than the continued use of pharmaceuticals which can actually harm their bodies over time. I use the oils in various ways, such as diffusing them in my massage room, applying them directly on the skin (Raindrop Therapy) or giving the client a few drops on a cotton swab to inhale, such as Peppermint for a headache or to give an uplifting effect. I never force essential oils on any client that has a sensitivity to scents but since therapeutic grade essential oils are very different from perfume grade oil than I find that most clients aren’t as sensitive to the various scents.