Goodyear, AZ, May 07, 2009 –(–Show Me, Teach Me, Heal Me is an alternative how-to manual for getting in touch with your angels, the empowering use of colors, the use of oils and herbs, Reiki, the art of meditation, recuperating massage and raindrop therapy along with a revealing interpretation of the healing abilities of Dolphins.

The author’s true story put her on a path to a different drum for discovery that led her to gathering unique wellness information. Acaysha challenges us to take an active responsible role in creating our own wellness. By reflecting on the information she collected and devised, she was able to generate a spiritual bucket load of ideas for people to adopt.

The book is smoothly written in conversation style with bulleted points for easy to follow directions. The author shares her poetry talent with one particular special poem titled I Believe. It starts out with the superb wisdom of, “I believe we don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.”

Sometimes when life seems like one long process of getting tired, reading these easy to follow alternative ideas will help the reader jump start the lazy body battery. The book offers a way to empty ourselves of the old and allow the new to come in for a refocused energy and enthusiasm for living a radiant life.

–Sherry Russell
Midwest Book Review

Acaysha is available for booksignings, interviews, and workshops across the country. She can personally be reached at (888) SKYLER_1 or email her at Her website is