View Massage Continuing Education Through a Positive Lens, MASSAGE Magazine

So much of life may be determined or affected by our own attitudes—the ways in which we perceive certain people or situations, the lenses through which we see the world. Those who are looking to make the most of life through the use of a positive and open attitude may find this approach really does bring rewards.

One great place for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers to put this attitude experiment to good use is within the realm of continuing education. The ways in which we think about continuing education, and the beliefs we hold about continuing education, may affect the benefits we derive from the continuing education experience.

For example, the sheer fact that so many professional massage therapists and bodyworkers are required to earn continuing education credits can influence the attitude practitioners may take toward the continuing education experience. Even though they may be fully aware of the wonderful benefits continuing education can bring, being required to take these courses may make the continuing education experience seem like one more chore on an overwhelming to-do list.

Fortunately, with a bit more awareness and determination, nearly anyone can use a positive attitude adjustment to see the brighter side of life. In terms of continuing education for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, this really comes down to grasping the importance of continuing education and the true value these courses can bring.

Start by equating continuing education with improving your career as a massage therapist or bodyworker, for this is the largest and most basic benefit behind nearly every continuing education class. Every time you think about taking continuing education courses, think of it as an opportunity to improve your career—to book more clients, make more money, gain valuable skills and boost your own energy and enthusiasm.

Seen through this lens, the chance to take a continuing education course becomes a fortunate opportunity, and far from a dreaded chore on a to-do list. After all, few massage therapists and bodyworkers would not turn their backs on something that could improve their careers in such major ways and from so many different angles. Therefore, keep in mind continuing education is one of the best ways to shape the career of your dreams.

The power of this kind of positive attitude—keeping your focus on the major benefits of the continuing education experience—can set off a domino effect of sorts, bringing even more blessings into the picture. Once you truly view continuing education as your fast track to a better massage therapy or bodywork practice, you may open your mind to an array of interests that can be pursued through those continuing education classes.

Basically, the key is to begin thinking about the best ways to improve your practice, which will be different for everyone. One bodyworker may start to see the need for new skills to complement the techniques she currently uses inside the session room, whereas another may feel compelled to learn how to better market her massage therapy services.

Through continuing education, these improvements are entirely possible, and so are a whole host of other practice-boosting benefits.