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Once massage clients enter your business, you provide a peaceful refuge for them to enjoy. Aside from its many physical benefits, massage is often a brief window of relaxation for your clients. To get them inside, you have to use smart marketing to cut through the advertising noise they encounter every day.

Radio, television and print are expensive and require lead time. Fliers, mailers and coupons are less costly, but are they effectively reaching your target audience, or getting thrown away? Outdoor digital signage is cost-effective, professional-looking and supports other marketing methods for service-oriented businesses such as massage therapy.

Consider these nine reasons to harness the power of an outdoor digital sign for your business:

1. You control your advertising message.

With the right software and artwork package (included by the best manufacturers), LED-based outdoor digital signage can provide vibrant, topical images that are easy to program and will get you noticed. 

2. It’s a reliable, independent advertising method.

A dynamic digital sign in front of your business identifies your location and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year promoting your massage business—regardless of the weather. 

3. You can quickly respond to changing market conditions.

In five minutes you can create timely, eye-catching content for your display. For example, in winter you can offer to help clients work out the soreness from shoveling snow; or during the summer you can target people training for a marathon.

4. You can increase bookings with finely tuned messaging.

Advertise open slots due to last-minute cancellations, or revitalize a slow day of appointments with notices about walk-in chair massages for clients with less time to spare.

5. It showcases your business philosophy.

Display messages that support massage, wellness, healthy living and exercise. Uplifting messages that make people smile are bound to attract attention and draw in clients.

6. It’s energy-efficient.

Today’s outdoor digital signs use LED technology and are a cost-effective advertising method that can be operated for just pennies a day. Adjustable brightness settings and automatic dimming features ensure you’ll keep power costs down by using only what’s necessary. 

7. You’ll reduce your advertising costs.

Many digital signage packages pay for themselves in the short term with increased sales, giving the business owner long-term, low-cost benefits. On average, an outdoor digital sign’s cost per 1,000 views is as little as 15 cents, compared to over $7 for a newspaper ad. Plus, there are no expensive production costs or lead time with the advertising you display on a digital sign.

8. It’s an opportunity to be a good citizen.

Allot some of your messaging to community events and public service announcements.

9. You can bolster your current massage marketing efforts.

LED-based digital signage complements other marketing efforts by promoting discounts or client loyalty programs. Display messages that link clients to your website or social media sites for more details, increasing traffic and meeting clients’ needs.

Invest in quality

An investment in a reliable and durable outdoor digital sign should be considered an advertising expense rather than a capital expenditure. Look for products that are feature-rich and backed by reliable service.

As part of your massage marketing plan, a digital sign will pay off in visibility, client traffic and a solid return on your investment.

Sarah RobisonAbout the Author

Sarah Robison is a marketing lead for Watchfire Signs (, headquartered in Danville, Illinois. Watchfire has manufactured outdoor electric signs since 1932 and LED-based digital signs since 1996. More than 50,000 Watchfire LED signs are in daily operation worldwide.


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