(PRWEB) Dec. 02, 2011. Alteya Organics, a member of Alteya Group and a leading Bulgarian rose grower, essential oil distiller and USDA Organic skin care manufacturer, announced the addition of new certified organic baby wash, baby balm, baby massage oil and a pregnancy stretch oil to its portfolio of certified organic skin-care lines based on Bulgarian rose oil.

“Baby’s skin is more porous than the skin of adults, and whatever you apply to baby’s skin is being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Actually more than 70 percent of a skin-care application is being absorbed into the body of the little ones.” said Kaloian Stoev, head of organic production and sales of Alteya Organics and a father of a baby girl. “Choosing organic foods is only one part of raising a baby in a safe and environmentally-friendly way, choosing skin-care products which do not contain any chemicals or other artificial ingredients is equally important.”

The Alteya Organics’ Baby Wash combines the moisturizing, refreshing and soothing properties of the organic Bulgarian rose oil with the healing effects of the organic chamomile, which helps cells grow and regenerate while calming senses and promoting a restful sleep. The Organic Baby Bottom Balm was developed to soften the delicate baby skin and soothe irritations and diaper rashes. It is free of dyes, chemicals, artificial preservatives and pesticide residues. Alteya also created an Organic Baby Massage Oil based on Bulgarian rose oil to address a growing customer demand for such product. The baby massage has a proven effect on sleep, digestion and development growth and also helps strengthen the bond between parents and babies. Many parents believe it also helps increase the IQ.

Moms-to-be and new moms now have a great alternative to the traditional non-organic balms to treat pregnancy stretch marks. Alteya’s Certified Organic Anti-Stretch Mark Oil, a premium blend of plant based oils and butters and organic Bulgarian rose oil was created to help with stretch marks during and after pregnancy and keep skin nourished, soft and beautiful. It also contains organic apricot kernel oil and organic wheat germ oil, which create a light, easily-absorbed blend to help heal dry, irritated and sensitive skin heal faster.

“The company continues to invest in the research and development of USDA Organic skin-care products based on the Bulgarian rose oil (rose otto from rosa damascena). The Bulgarian Organic Rose Oil is considered among the purest, most potent and rare essential oils in the world” said George Kolev, Alteya’s general manager of operations. Other Alteya Organics products based on the rose oil include a Certified Organic Face Moisturizer, Toner, Anti-Ageing Cream and an Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream, which are all part of Alteya’s USDA Organic Bio-Damascena ® Skin Care line.

Alteya’s products are available at www.alteyaorganics.com. To become an Alteya Organics retailer or for more information, go to www.alteya.com.

About Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics is a family-owned company, which has been growing the oil-yielding Damascena Rose in the Bulgarian Rose Valley since 1999. Today, Alteya is one of the fastest-growing Bulgarian rose oil distillers and exporters with customers in Europe, Asia and North America and has an extensive track-record of social responsibility activities and community involvement. Since 2007, Alteya has been working on developing certified organic skin-care products that embody the marriage of centuries-old tradition with modern research and technologies. Alteya was recently recognized by the Organic Consumer Association as one of the top USDA Organic cosmetics line. The company operates offices in Bulgaria and the U.S., and works with partners and distributors in more than 10 other countries.