Bamboo U ( makes environmentally friendly “bamboo” shirts for the college-age market. While they have been selling exclusively from their on-line store, they are now reaching out to retail stores and boutiques that want to carry the brand.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 10, 2009 — Bamboo U has a clearly defined niche: making bamboo shirts for the younger age group. For the last year, they have been selling their eco-friendly shirts from their on-line store, Lately, however, these comfy designer tees are finding their way into boutiques and retail stores around the country.

“Some of the stores that carry us are exclusively eco-friendly, but there are others that just know a cool shirt when they see – and feel it,” Jeff Fulmer of Bamboo U said.    

Liz Sieber at Omoi Boutique in Philadelphia agrees. “The Bamboo U ‘panda’ shirts have been a great gift item for our shop. Even though we don’t exclusively stock eco-friendly apparel, customers love the softness and springy-ness of the fabric and the sweet panda graphic is a crowd pleaser for all ages. I can’t wait to see what colors come out next season!”

The shirts come in a variety of six colors with either their Bamboo U logo or the panda design on the front. “By wearing Bamboo U, you are sending a subtle message that you care about what you choose to wear,” Fulmer said.

Bamboo clothing has a strong environmental story. As one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, bamboo is incredibly sustainable. Cotton is considered one of the “dirtiest crops” because of the high amounts of pesticides and chemicals used in its production. On the other hand, bamboo needs only natural rainwater and some sunlight to grow. As an added bonus, fabric made from bamboo is surprisingly soft, even a bit silky and “springy.”

“My customers absolutely love the Bamboo U Panda T-shirts!” Melissa Bryant of Organic Bliss in Ann Arbor, Michigan says. “Everyone comments on the super soft fabric and the unique design. I love being able to offer a wonderful shirt that is made from a sustainable clean resource.”

Bamboo U shirts are 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, giving it a nice blend of environmentally friendly fibers. They also use only eco-friendly water-based inks for their designs rather than chemical-based plastisols found on conventional t-shirts.  Bamboo is a couple of degrees cooler than cotton, wicks away moisture, has UV protection and an anti-bacterial agent (“kun”) built right in. All of these qualities make it ideal as exercise and casual wear.    

“We have been targeting universities with our message,” Jeff Fulmer said. “Students are aware of the importance of taking care of our planet. They are also often more open to trying new things, including fashion. That’s not to say that women of any age can’t enjoy our Bamboo U shirts.”        

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Jeff Fulmer and Bamboo U. He offers a quality shirt with a contemporary look and an environmental appeal for all ages. We strongly support his efforts to produce garments from bamboo!” said Kyle Elias of Scarlett Begonia in Bamboo U’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Bamboo U ( hopes to continue to deliver their shirts to retailers and boutiques that want to carry a positive message.    “We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers, whether it is the individual or the retail store,” Fulmer said, before adding with a smile, “And, of course, saving the planet one shirt at a time.”