Updates include enhanced goal tracking and nutritional information along with metric support

Pittsburgh, PA (Vocus) July 1, 2009– BodyMedia, Inc., the pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems, today announced the latest version of The GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System, which now allows users to gain faster access to more of their personalized data so that they can achieve their goals of lower weight and overall wellness.

Reinforcing the company’s mission of offering user-friendly body-monitoring products that deliver the highest level of accuracy available in the market, BodyMedia has added the following new online updates:

  • Log-in speed: Improved log-in time enables quicker access to users’ data;
  • Updated goal tracking: The GoWear fit Online Activity Manager interface now plots users’ weight loss goals graphically, allowing them to see at a glance if they’re on the right path to achieving those goals;
  • Nutritional information: Users who track consumption through daily food logging or nutrition assessments can now see more detailed nutritional information of their diet, including vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and alcohol;
  • Metric unit support: Users now have the option to log their height in centimeters, weight in kilograms, and view their energy consumption and expenditure in joules.

Different from a simple pedometer, accelerometer or heart rate monitor, GoWear fit is a lifestyle and calorie management system that tracks key physical characteristics that can directly affect your health and weight:

  • Calories burned
  • Calories consumed (user logs food via an integrated online system)
  • Physical activity
  • Steps taken
  • Sleep duration and efficiency

No other comfortable, convenient, continuous body-monitoring products can measure physical activity and calories burned with BodyMedia’s greater-than-90% accuracy.

Since launching GoWear fit in November 2008, BodyMedia has gathered data from initial users who, on average, wear the armband for 18 hours per day, and are losing one pound per week.

Ivo Stivoric, co-founder/Chief Technology Officer/VP Product Development, commented "Our software enhancements are representative of our goal to sell the most accurate and user-friendly body monitoring products in the marketplace. Our goal is to continue to improve our system’s functionality, usability, and experience to help users achieve their health and weight management goals."

Tom Futch, VP of Sales and Marketing, says "What users like most about the GoWear fit system is that it helps them take control of their weight loss and wellness objectives with information about their daily physical activity and nutrition – that’s something they’ve never had before. The new improvements will help to enhance the system, and keep people motivated to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals."

BodyMedia has a proven track record in health and weight management. Their SenseWear® products are behavior therapy solutions used by the world’s leading obesity, nutrition and exercise research clinicians to help patients manage metabolic disorders.

The GoWear fit Armband retails for $199.95, the optional Display for $99.95, and subscription rates for the Online Activity Manager range between $6.95/month and $12.95/month. GoWear fit is available at www.gowearfit.com, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

About BodyMedia, Inc.
Founded in 1999, BodyMedia, Inc. is a pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems that are designed to help people lose weight, improve performance, and live a healthier lifestyle. Our patented multi-sensor technology has been adapted for a variety of markets – consumers, health and fitness clubs, corporate wellness programs, and healthcare practitioners – enabling us to deliver validated products that monitor calorie expenditure, amount of physical activity, number of steps taken, and sleep efficiency. No other comfortable, convenient, continuous body-monitoring products can measure physical activity and calories burned with BodyMedia’s greater-than-90% accuracy. For more information, visit www.bodymedia.com or call 412-288-9901.

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