Web talk show from Market Arts Creative spotlights people who put creativity to work.

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) September 16, 2008 — Market Arts Creative has launched http://www.youtube.com/user/MarketArtsCreative [Conversations with Creative Minds], a new web-based talk show. Market Arts Creative principals Jan Nichols and Susan Bachman created the series with a fresh take on the practical ways that people use creativity to accomplish extraordinary things.

http://www.youtube.com/user/MarketArtsCreative [Conversations with Creative Minds] is a podcast that takes listeners on a wild ride across unfamiliar terrain in the company of fascinating people. Listeners, unbuckle your mental seat belts. Get the buzz from a range of imaginative types from cosmologists and graphic novelists to geophysicists, as they reveal how they use creativity to achieve their versions of success.

You can find the show on YouTube, or on the program web site, www.conversationswithcreativeminds.com

"I’ve talked with some remarkable individuals, people who have formidable reputations within their areas of expertise who definitely have something to say about the power and the payoff of thinking creatively," says on-air host, Jan Nichols. One example from the live show is a conversation with Todd Mundt, formerly host of his own show on National Public Radio and now the Director of New Media Strategies at Louisville Public Media. His remarks on the juxtaposition between spontaneity and preparation inspired the start of http://www.conversationswithcreativeminds.com [Conversations with Creative Minds: The Book], which is previewed on the site.

The project began when Nichols, who owns Market Arts Creative, had an epiphany: Certain habits of thinking were keeping the firm’s clients from getting ahead. In a moment of missionary zeal, she launched a monthly interview program exploring creativity and the ways it is used in different fields of endeavor.

After three seasons before a live audience, Nichols and Bachman decided to bring the show to the Web, so the whole wide world may experience the power of creative thinking for achieving tangible results.

"We love producing it and we learn something of value from each guest. One of our favorite discoveries is the idea that knowing what to think isn’t nearly as important as knowing how to think," the two producers say.

They’ve put their discoveries in an accompanying podcast, Creative Juice, a semi-serious accessory series on the making of Conversations with Creative Minds. The behind-the-scenes view also includes their observations on the pitfalls and pratfalls of two grown-up girls in the strange business of being creative for a living. Listen to an episode.

With two lifetimes of http://marketartscreative.com/about_work.html [client marketing experience] between them, Bachman and Nichols have lots to say about the counter-intuitive thinking that produces desirable results. The two gently skewer conventional thinking, celebrate uncommon wisdom and elevate digression to a higher calling.

"We’re fearless. We’re completely unafraid to be idiotic. That makes us powerful – and perfect for podcasting," Nichols claims.

About Market Arts Creative
Lack of knowledge has never been an obstacle for the two partners at the Ann Arbor and Nashville-based Market Arts Creative. It certainly didn’t stop them from putting on a two-girl podcast that celebrates the serious and silly business of being creative. Creative Juice and Conversations with Creative Minds are produced by the firm, which creates original content and branded personality platforms for the Web. For more information, please visit: www.conversationswithcreativeminds.com and www.marketartscreative.com.

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