Sports trainer, chiropractor and Fenzian & ART practitioner explains how to avoid or overcome knee injuries for optimum play

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 — Many children and young adult athletes participating in soccer will experience knee injuries this season. In fact, according to a study published by the Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital reported on [May 23, 2008, by Science Daily] knee injuries–among the most costly sports injuries–are the leading cause of high school sports-related surgeries. The study also reported that the knee was the second most frequently injured body site overall, with boys’ football and wrestling, and girls’ soccer and basketball recording the highest rates of knee injury.

With soccer season heating up for millions of soccer players across the country, Vasili Gatsinaris, doctor of chiropractic and founder of Next Level Wellness Center in Irvine, Calif., today advises a two-fold approach to knee injuries with the intent of eliminating the need for surgeries. His advice is to prevent injuries in the first place and to perform proper rehabilitation when injuries do occur. Gatsinaris makes these recommendations as a result of his experience treating numerous professional, collegiate and Olympic level soccer players, including players from Los Angeles Galaxy, Houston Dynamo and Columbus Crew.

Prevent Injury:
"I can’t stress how important it is to perform proper stretching on a daily basis to prevent injuries," says Gatsinaris. "In addition to stretching the lower legs, players must strengthen their quadriceps and hamstring muscles, plus their ankles and gluteus maximus muscles."

Gatsinaris adds that sprain and strain injuries, though they may seem minor, may lead to more serious injuries if not properly treated. He suggests that soccer players perform the following before every practice and every game to help prevent injuries:

  • Soccer Ball Wall Sit – Sit against a wall without a chair and place a soccer ball between the legs at about the knees. While sitting in this position, squeeze the knees together and hold the ball in place. Perform this for 30 seconds at a time and increase the length of time by five seconds every week. This will strengthen the VMO muscle which is a major knee stabilizer muscle.
  • Knee & Leg Extensions – Lie down face up with knees bent. While in this position, lift the hips off the floor and extend one knee, alternate. Do this six times and increase repetitions by two times each week. This exercise will help strengthen the gluteus maximus muscle, which is very important for hip, low back and general leg stability.
  • Reverse Lunge – Step backward for about three to four feet while looking forward, using one leg to lead with each step. Perform this ten times then repeat, leading with the alternate leg. This exercise incorporates a lot of the muscles of the lower extremities and activates your core muscles.    

Proper Rehabilitation:
According to Gatsinaris, sometimes injuries are unavoidable. When players get injured, start treatment as soon as possible. Hoping or waiting for injuries to resolve without treatment can prolong injuries, lead to additional injuries or lead to surgeries.

"Most people will utilize the RICE approach, which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation of an injured area, and this may help remedy some common injuries," says Gatsinaris. "However, new techniques, such as the Fenzian Treatment System and Active Release Technique or ART, are now being used to eliminate pain and speed healing to return players to active status relatively quickly, sometimes within just a few visits. Fenzian and ART are commonly used in the professional sports arena and can provide immediate relief of pain and a faster injury resolution."

Gatsinaris also offers a free booklet listing ["5 Untold Pain Relief Secrets"] for eliminating body pain. The treatments available at Next Level Wellness Center are the latest, state-of-the-art methods. They include Active Release Technique, Active Isolated Stretching, Fenzian Treatment and Orthotic 3Dimensional Foot/Gait analysis.

About Dr. Vasili John Gatsinaris:
Dr. Vasili Gatsinaris is a chiropractor, sports trainer and founder of Next Level Wellness Center in Irvine. He is a Southern California native who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. He received his Doctorate degree from Los Angeles Chiropractic College. Gatsinaris is one of 40 certified Fenzian Treatment System practitioners in the United States and one of three in Southern California. He is a certified Active Release Technique (ART) provider and is Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) certified. Gatsinaris also is a Titleist Certified Golf Instructor. He has treated numerous professional, collegiate and amateur athletes.    

About Next Level Wellness Center:
Next Level Wellness Center is local at 17811 Skypark Circle, Suite E in Irvine, Calif. 92614. Next Level Wellness also offers a Pilates studio, massage and personal training services. For more information visit or call 949-263-9003.

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