CloudNine Marketing, Inc., a boutique Public Relations firm in Scottsdale, AZ, announces the pre-launch of their new public online resource: Holistic Healers Directory @

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 23, 2008 — CloudNine Marketing, Inc., a boutique Public Relations firm in Scottsdale, AZ, announces the pre-launch of their new public online resource: Holistic Healers Directory @

It’s positioned to be the foremost source to serve the needs of individuals seeking the highest-quality and current holistic, natural and alternative healthcare as well as information on spirituality and green living for mind, body, and spirit. The intent is to be a resource for those seeking help with difficulties such as heart health, cancer, depression, anxiety and more.

“We expect our worldwide holistic directory to become a primary resource, allowing individuals to access healers from all branches of medicine who are using natural approaches in their practices. Integrative Medicine is thriving as people realize that medical insurance is not available to all and more oriented to crisis, rather than prevention,” says Trina Becksted Marsh, founder of CloudNine Marketing, Inc.

CloudNine will be seeking to align with media partners such as the Yoga, Health and Natural creating a synergistic relationship during the pre-launch period.

CloudNine Marketing has been promoting holistic events, holistic authors, teachers of natural medicine, and alternative healers since 1997 and is highly respected for its success, integrity, and connections within the holistic industry. They have worked with well-known authors in holistic medicine, such as Deepak Chopra MD, Wayne Dyer, Suze Orman, John Gray, Debbie Ford, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Demartini. CloudNine promoted The Whole Life Expo and films such as The Secret and The Opus. The CloudNine team also aligns prestigious entities to sponsor and support holistic events – such as The Cleveland Clinic Health System, James Cancer Center, Mercedes Benz, The Ritz Carlton, Canyon Ranch and Nordstroms.

The current health trend of the aging U.S. population (with over half who are 50+ years old) is to return to a more natural form of healing, which encompasses many terms: holistic, integrative complementary, natural and alternative medicine. These individuals are more active, educated, and more empowered about their health choices than preceding generations. CloudNine intends to partner with organizations such as the Age Management Medical Group, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, and the American Holistic Medical Association in order to populate the site while offering the “early bird practitioners” pre-launch pricing.

National leaders in Anti-Aging Medicine, a newly created and respected medical specialty with a certification board and a National Academy for certified medical physicians, maintains that 50 year olds can become the equivalent of 40, 30, and even younger if they choose to gain and apply knowledge about how to change their health, diet, and lifestyle – truly learning to live life to its fullest.

The site is launching with free memberships to give the most updated and informative content available on the internet. M.D.’s, naturopathic, and chiropractic physicians, healers, practitioners, holistic and spiritual media, and companies offering products and services within this green-centric genre, are encouraged to register for a free listing at Upgraded memberships are available starting at $49 with live web links, event calendar listings, news submissions and more. For more information, visit