Get your career back on track—or take it to the next level—by taking the right continuing education classes at the right time for you. Figuring out which continuing education classes those might be is a bit of a process, but with a small investment of time and insight, you should be able to achieve your goals as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker.

If your goal for your practice seems to fall under the umbrella of getting your career “back on track,” simply knowing that is a great place to start your search for the most appropriate and effective continuing education courses.

The need to bolster, improve and generally get your practice back on track can appear in so many different ways. One example of a common pitfall professional massage therapists and bodyworkers may find themselves in is the persistent feeling of fatigue, and perhaps even pain, that can be the side effect of too many sessions and not enough self-care.

If this seems to describe the current major weakness in your career as a massage therapist or bodyworker, then you would be wise to sign up for a continuing education class on proper body mechanics. Even though you may have learned all about body mechanics during massage school, a refresher continuing education course can be just what you need to keep these key lessons at the front of your mind.

Another example of a fairly common problem professional massage therapists and bodyworkers may find themselves facing, especially in today’s tough financial times, is a lack new clients or perhaps a shrinking of one’s client base. In this case, enrolling in a continuing education class focused on marketing your services and reaching out to the community could help you bring in the new business you need.

As for those massage therapists and bodyworkers who possess a goal that falls more under the umbrella of “taking it to the next level,” this usually involves a different set of circumstances and can point toward a different selection of continuing education classes. Among the most common ways massage therapists and bodyworkers can move their careers to that upper level is by taking continuing education classes on more advanced techniques and modalities.

The key here is to become the go-to expert in your community when it comes to one or more specific techniques or modalities. This is typically achieved by taking your experience with that technique or modality to the most advanced level possible. Frequently, this equates to climbing the continuing education ladder, until you reach the most advanced certification.

Shifting your practice to a higher level can also mean adding a new dimension to your menu of services. If this is one of your goals, then try taking continuing education classes on the technique or modality that most piques your interest.

By knowing the most important goals for your career and your practice as a massage therapist or bodyworker, you can be more confident in choosing the continuing education classes that will best help you meet those goals.