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Massage therapy can be a beautiful and wonderful career. Every day you get to aid in relieving the stress, pain, and discomfort of your clients. Although giving a massage is undoubtedly hard work, it can be very rewarding. But what happens when things do not go well? What if a client gets injured or there is an accident that damages your property? How do you protect yourself and your personal assets? 

Unfortunately, an accident can occur involving anyone. Protecting yourself from potential liabilities through massage therapist insurance is an essential part of being a massage therapist. In this deep dive, we will discuss the different types of liabilities and how each is covered through insurance for massage therapists. Roll your shoulders and turn on some relaxing music as we begin our session and learn tips from legal experts for massage therapists. 

Protecting Yourself: Massage Therapy Insurance

The best way to keep your assets secure from a liability claim is to be adequately insured. You may think that having your license to practice massage is enough, but your license only gives you the legal capability to practice massage. A state-certified license does not provide coverage if a client is injured or an accident occurs. Massage therapy insurance, however, does provide financial aid in the case of a massage therapy lawsuit. 

Legal Experts’ Tips for Massage Therapists

If a liability claim is filed against you as a massage therapist, you could be held responsible for covering the cost of the lawsuit. This is where massage therapists' insurance would come into play and help protect you from having to pay out of your own resources. Massage therapy insurance provides a safety net of protection that can keep you secure in case something awful happens. 

In this day and age, getting covered for liability claims is not just a luxury but a necessity for every massage worker. Becoming a massage therapist takes years of hard work and is a significant investment in your time and resources. Protecting yourself through insurance for massage therapists helps ensure that your hard work and dedication are not at risk due to a lawsuit. Whether you are a practicing massage therapist or are still honing your skills, protecting yourself is a wise choice.

What Could Go Wrong: Different Types of Liabilities

While there are many different types of claims and incidents that could possibly occur during a massage therapy session, they can be broken down into a few main categories. We will define each type of liability and give examples of how each could occur. The protection that massage insurance provides will help with all of these liabilities, as well as additional coverage. 

General Liability

First and foremost is general liability. General liability is what may occur that is not directly related to your occupation as a massage therapist. Coverage for general liability is an essential part of massage therapist insurance. Often referred to as “slip and fall” insurance, general liability would help cover the compensation for an injury that does not have a correlation to massage. This could be a client tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor. 

Coverage for general liability would keep you from having to pay doctors’ bills, lawyer fees, and other costs associated with the liability.

For example: A client is leaving after a massage session. As they walk toward the exit, a loose rug is on the floor, and your client trips over it. In their attempt to break their fall, they put out their hands and impact the floor with enough force to break their wrist. They need immediate medical attention and go to the emergency room by way of an ambulance. Once they have been treated for their injuries, your client contacts a lawyer to file a lawsuit against you. They demand that you cover the cost of their medical treatment, the ambulance ride, and the lawyer fees. 

In the example above, general liability insurance for massage therapists would prevent you from having to pay the total amount out of your personal resources. In the event of a general liability claim, the cost could add up quickly, putting your financial stability at risk. The protection of massage therapy insurance keeps your financial future secure and protected from a general liability claim. 

Professional Liability

Moving on, professional liability refers to claims and incidents that occur as a direct result of your occupation as a massage therapist. This liability is typically an injury that your client sustains while in a massage session. An injury that may occur while giving a massage may include burning from a hot stone massage, nerve damage from a deep tissue massage, scratching from a Swedish massage, or any number of massage-related accidents. 

Protection from professional liability claims is vital to avoid the cost of a lawsuit and is a crucial component for massage therapy insurance policyholders. 

Let us look at an example of when you may need professional liability massage insurance:

A client is settling in for a deep tissue massage. As you start to work the neck and upper back area, your client feels intense pain in their neck. Unfortunately, your massage has pressed on a nerve and caused severe pain for your client. They end the session and call an ambulance to take them to the emergency room, where they are treated for the pain. The doctor informs your client that they have a damaged nerve, and it will likely cause permanent discomfort. Your client hires a lawyer and holds you responsible for their medical bills, pain, and suffering. The expense of this lawsuit is exorbitant and could put you in a difficult financial situation. 

In this situation, professional liability insurance would keep your finances secure and help cover the compensation that your client demands. As a significant portion of your massage therapy insurance coverage, professional liability insurance is essential for every massage therapist. 

Product Liability:

In addition to professional and general liability coverage, massage therapy insurance covers product liability as well. Product liability is a claim or incident that may occur due to a bad reaction to a product used during massage therapy. These incidences could be an allergic reaction to an oil, aromatherapy ingredient, or other similar adverse reactions. As massage therapists make use of products every day, this coverage is exceptionally relevant to your work. 

Here is an example of when product liability would offer protection:

A client is receiving an oil massage from you and requests that no nut-based oils be used because they are allergic. As you go to pour the oil, you accidentally grab the incorrect oil and use almond oil on your client. This mistake causes their skin to break out with inflammation, and they start to have difficulty breathing. Fortunately, your client is carrying an EpiPen, and they are able to administer it quickly. This requires them to go to the hospital to ensure there are no further complications. After learning they are alright, they call their lawyer to file a product claim against you. 

In this incident, product liability would help protect you from covering the cost of your client’s medical expenses, replacement EpiPen, and other fees for which they hold you liable. 

Additional Protection

Protecting yourself from professional, general, and product liability claims is fantastic, but that is not the only coverage you need. Here are some of the additional items that massage therapy insurance covers:

  • Rental property damage coverage: Most massage therapists rent a facility where they practice massage. Did you know that your landlord can hold you responsible for accidents that result in damage to the rental space? The cost of repairs to flooring windows, walls, or fixtures could add up quickly and leave you in a tough spot financially. That’s one reason why rental property damage coverage is an important part of insurance for massage therapists. 

  • Stolen or damaged equipment coverage: Though a massage therapist does not use equipment like a personal trainer, several items are used daily. Stolen or damaged equipment coverage helps repair or replace massage tables, stone boilers, steamers, and other equipment you may use.
  • Identity theft protection: In today's online world, you secure clients and advertise from an online platform. The downside is that it makes you more vulnerable to identity theft and malicious cyber attacks. Protecting your career and livelihood is vital. 

The Best Lawsuit Protection for Massage Therapists

Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself in the case of a lawsuit is by having massage therapy insurance. This not only provides financial security but gives you peace of mind knowing that you have an incredible defense in your back pocket should an unfortunate circumstance happen. 

The best time to get protection from a lawsuit is before it happens. It is far better to prepare than to be caught unawares. Get covered today and know that you are protected and secure from a lawsuit or claim against you. 

The Best Lawsuit Protection for Massage therapists

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