Open source solutions for the web bring nursing continuing education online. Online classroom implementation has never been easier than with open source content management and learning management systems. Now, nurses can receive nursing continuing education credit at .

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) September 5, 2008 — The Healthcare Medicine Institute (HealthCMI) launches [nursing continuing education __title__ nursing continuing education] online courses using open source solutions for the web at . "Open source solutions allow our learning management systems to operate on any type of server and all browsers including those for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux thereby bringing the online classroom to all nurses with access to the internet," notes Adam White, President of the Healthcare Medicine Institute. At HealthCMI, nurses simply download course materials, take an online quiz, and automatically receive a certificate of completion for nursing continuing education credit. "HealthCMI provides California Board of Registered Nursing approved online courses. In addition, HealthCMI is adding Florida Board of Nursing certification as well as certification for Washington D.C. and national certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center," notes Adam White.

It seems that integrative medicine may be the future but HealthCMI’s integrated technology is in wide-scale use today. HealthCMI uses the Joomla! open source content management system to implement learning management systems for end users such as acupuncturists, nurses, and dentists. Joomla! gets financial support for code development projects from Google and open source organizations. Joomla! is considered one of the largest and most powerful open source content management systems in use today. It is employed worldwide for everything from small-scale websites to large-scale corporate applications. The advantage for HealthCMI is that multitudes of plug-ins are produced by the open source community for Joomla! . This facilitates the secure, powerful, and ergonomic implementation of systems for operating an online classroom.

Known for its [acupuncture continuing education __title__ acupuncture continuing education] online division, HealthCMI launches the [nursing continuing education online __title__ nursing continuing education online] division with three important courses on the treatment of high cholesterol and triglycerides. "The hyperlipidemia series of nursing continuing education online courses addresses the acute need for education concerning this serious medical condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Part one of this series provides the western medical understanding of high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Part two provides dietary remedies for high cholesterol and triglycerides while part three provides herbal remedies from the Chinese medical tradition," notes Adam White. Mr. White explains that open source learning management systems used by HealthCMI allow authors in China and the U.S.A. to seamlessly collaborate on research and educational documents. This allows for the sharing of information between the acupuncture and nursing continuing education divisions of the institute. The result is a comprehensive approach to addressing high cholesterol and high triglycerides with the best of western and Chinese medicine combined. "The future of medicine is integrative medicine — East meets West. People want solutions and a combined effort raises the bar of educational standards," notes Mr. White.

"Nursing continuing education online has never been easier and it now joins our acupuncture continuing education online classroom presence on the internet," notes Mr. White. Next, HealthCMI plans to complement its medical education offerings by implementing an online classroom learning environment for its dental continuing education division. "At HealthCMI, we are dedicated to quality educational materials for medical professionals. We strive to improve the quality of information available for the acupuncture, nursing, and dental communities," notes Mr. White. In addition to its educational offerings, the Joomla! open source system employed by HealthCMI allows for the distribution of HealthCMI’s medical news and information systems. The RSS feeds are generated by the content management system for the [acupuncture continuing education __title__ acupuncture continuing education RSS], [nursing continuing education __title__ nursing continuing education RSS], and [dental continuing education __title__ dental continuing education RSS] divisions of the company.

About HealthCMI:
HealthCMI is the online division of the Healthcare Medicine Institute. HealthCMI provides online continuing education courses to medical professionals for acupuncture, dental, and nursing applications. The Healthcare Medicine Institute is dedicated to supporting a consortium of authors and presenters in providing valuable, useful, and interesting medical works in an effort to raise medical standards of education worldwide.

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