I have been doing Reiki for over 10 years and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am also a trained CranioSacral therapist wherein “Direction of Energy” is a large part of the technique. I always start my massage sessions with Reiki on the back from sacrum to neck, which both gives me the opportunity to energetically tune-in to my client’s body as well as starting the energy flowing through my hands that will continue throughout the massage to enhance healing with muscle/fascia work. Sometimes specific areas are too tight or too tender to manipulate, so I will pull way back on pressure and direct energy into those tissues with intent to release, lenghten and allow the tissues to do whatever they need to do to self-correct. I find this highly efficacious and I get better results than if I go deeper and try to force release. Energy work is the foundation of my massage therapy practice. If one looks at the structure of atoms and molecules, our bodies are more energy space than matter. I, therefore, will often approach hard, tight, immovable muscles by intending to massage “into the spaces”.