My clients receive the benefit of reiki and/or Quantum Touch Therapy during their sessions. I always try to incooperate reiki in my sessions, since it seems to relax, and is benefical to my clients. I respect my clients wishes as to whether or not they wish to have reiki during a session. Reiki is such a wonderful tool to utlize, and to share with others. I have been told by many clients that I am a healer, even before I received my reiki attunements. It is a blessing to be able to intuitively help my clients when I am guided to do so. Recently, I added QT to my tool box. I have used this several times on a couple of my clients. I have found it had promoted emotional releases in them which inturn relieved some pain in the body. Also, more recently, I received positive feedback on relieving hip pain with QT. Energy work are beautiful and benefical tools to add to our tool chest as therapist, which enables us to assist our clients in overall health of body, mind and spirit.