Since opening my outcall business, Mountain Mobile Massage, seven years ago, I’ve come across about every situation one could imagine. No bad experiences (maybe one bounced check), but knowledge and calm, healing intentions will keep therapists safe no matter where they go. When working outside of a massage establishment, you must be professional and clear with your marketing/ads; dress appropriately; listen for “red flags” when booking appointments. Don’t book if you are uncomfortable; use direct eye contact when you first meet clients; bring your cell phone (on silent) inside. 

As far as success, be on time and flexible with times to accommodate when your client is at home and relaxed. I find most clients like evenings due to work schedules, so keep those times available. I personally have had big success with magnets and vinyl signs on my massage truck. Make sure to buy one or two business card holders for the public to take when you are parked. I will get at least five people a day walk up and ask for a card—and who knows how many more when I’m not in my vehicle! Lastly, invest in an MP3 player and a compact set of speakers to keep your load small and light.

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