There is a lot of external advice out there about staying safe. However, what I have come to trust in each and every situation is my own internal navigation system. My gut tells me if I am safe or should be concerned. As I have come to trust this information, life has become far smoother, easier and with less worry about safety. The place I learned this was with Upledger Institute’s Healing From the Core. The coursework started with a class called Grounding and Healthy Boundaries, and this laid the foundation for these skills. In fact, I was not even a therapist when I took this first course, and it was incredibly valuable to me, especially as a parent. By being grounded and present in my body on a moment-to-moment basis, I am better able to discern and take in all the cues and information surrounding me. I am then able to check in with myself and tell if a situation feels right or not. These same skills are paramount in my success as a therapist. Providing a grounded, safe environment for my clients allows them to do deep healing work, while I am able to stay well-resourced and energetically full.