Back Pain Free Days announces launching of new website, to release Back Pain Free Days – Ultimate 10 Day Recovery Blueprint. This is an incredibly simple, step-by-step acupressure program to end back pain permanently in 10 Days. It is a safe way to reclaim the robust back you deserve and regain your quality of life.

Back pain ranks among the top reasons for physician’s visits. Eighty percent of the population has had back pain at some time in their lives. In Singapore General Hospital, there are 150 admission cases a week due to back-related problems.

This Acupressure program, inspired by the large number of sufferers, is the outcome of a former back pain sufferer of 12 years who has gone through a painful journey and recovered. In his quest to find ways to beat back pain, he has tried many different methods and spent considerable sums to alleviate his own back pain but to no avail. Then, by chance or some other design, he discovered Acupressure during one visit to the Acupressurist’s clinic. The acupressurist just pressed a few acupoints on his body, and, for the first time, astonishingly, he felt immediate pain relief. The treatment was short, yet it resolved his pain – and he could walk out of the clinic without any help afterwards. He was back to his daily routine within a few days. This was a great example of Acupressure, which is approved as a treatment by the World Health Organization, Geneva.

Since then, he has gone thorough research and practice on how Acupressure heals the back. He painstakingly documented and devised it on a book Back Pain Free Days – Ultimate 10 Day Recovery Blueprint – an effective way to recover well within 10 days.

This 10 Day Blueprint ( ) applies the combination of acupressure, the healing power of touch as well as muscle strengthening exercises to relieve pain, whilst maintaining the back’s strength, balance and flexibility. Daily maintenance plus do’s and don’t’s are also included to help the patient to become mindful of their daily postures when carrying out daily chores – critical to long-term back health. A day by day treatment walkthrough for 10 days is included to restore the back to a healthy state from the moment the acute back attack occurs.

Testimonials have been received from many who have benefited from The Blueprint:

“I work as a mechanic in a bus garage, there is often heavy lifting involved. I do get “twinges” in my lower back occasionally that, when this happens, carries on for a week or two. I recently acquired and applied these acupressure techniques in your instructional videos. I must say that they worked and eased things TREMENDOUSLY. I am able now to apply the use of one or two pain relief techniques with success. The stretching exercises were also very useful. Keep up the good work.”

–Peter Marchant
Reading, Berkshire

“I have this chronic back injury that keeps haunting me for years. I have tried different treatments like heat therapy, traction but the improvements were miminal. I have even considered surgery. But, since I started to use your 10 day blueprint, I must say that my back has regain a lot more mobility and I am in much more control of my life. I am also no more wearing my back brace. Your acupressure techniques are PROVEN and have saved me from surgery. It really works.”

–Michelle Jacinda
Kao Shiung

“The program is very good and there is no chance of getting confused about the acupoints and treating them. Among the different techniques in your book, I found the Meridian Touch Technique a novel and very effective approach to treat the spine. While I have used other methods, I am now incorporating your treatments to my daily routine. Great job.

–Dalsukh Sanghvi,
Indore, India

“I tried using the acupressure points on the hands, arms, and feet, and found them to be helpful to the spine. The acupoints were easy to find too. (The photos were quite clear). While the exercises are used are conventional, it strengthens the back muscles. What I like is through a short read, one can grasp and use the blueprint immediately to improve back pain”

–Art Gerstal
Silver Spring
Maryland, USA

The program ( ) comes in the form of an eBook, which makes it convenient to download from the internet. Optional instructional videos are available to help readers further understand how the acupressure therapy is carried out. Readers can also conduct the acupressure treatment from the comfort of his home by either applying acupressure on the patient or self administering acupressure themselves.