From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Healing Rhythms: How Sound and Music Benefit the Body,” by various authors, in the April 2009 issue. Article summary: Musicians involved in creating music for healing share advice and insights on choosing music for massage sessions in this roundtable discussion.

by Stephen Deuel

Merge new technology with the ancient healing modality of sound and you have vibroacoustics, which takes music or specific frequencies you can hear and translates them into sound you can feel. This promotes a deep state of relaxation to take place quickly and easily.

With massage, the manual work goes only so deep; however, with a vibroacoustic, or sound, massage table, mat or chair, massage is provided at a deeper cellular level.

What can this mean for massage therapists? It means you can work smarter, not harder. Long-term use of a sound massage table can reduce massage therapist burnout. While working on clients, the therapist benefits also, as she, along with the client, absorbs and receives sound and vibration from the table.

Repeatedly, massage therapists have expressed that after a session they feel empowered, energized and ready for the next session.

The sound and vibration assist the client into a gentle type of unwinding process throughout the session. It quickly allows his tissue to soften and nervous system to calm down as bodywork begins, easily allowing him to move into deeper states of relaxation.

Sound massage tables are successfully being used around the world. The use of vibroacoustics has been shown to increase circulation, reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate.

Vibroacoustics is a new technology providing amazing physical and emotional results.

Stephen Deuel is managing director of Inner Soulutions, member of the International Society for Vibroacoustics and Sound Healers Association, vibroacoustic consultant and researcher with more than 20 years experience in alternative sound and energy healing. An innovator of various sound/energy healing workshops, he teaches and lectures throughout the U.S. and Canada. Deuel has been custom creating Vibroacoustic tables, mats and chairs for clients on five continents since the 1990s. Contact Deuel at and