Each Month in 2010 Teaches How to Live One of the Nine Principles of Harmony

OAKLAND, Calif., December 8, 2009 – For many people, 2009 would not be described as a stress-free and harmonious year.  To help people learn to live a balanced life regardless of external circumstances, The Breema Center today announced that it will dedicate 2010 to teaching people how to live the Nine Principles of Harmony.  Each month will focus on understanding and integrating one of the Principles, with a year-end intensive program, from October 9-17, 2010, that will bring all Nine Principles together in a week-long series of classes.

“Most people want to live a more balanced life, but each day brings unexpected stresses that cause us to react the only way we know how – with old ways of thinking and behaving,” said Jon Schreiber, Director of The Breema Center.  “Unless we find new ways of thinking about and dealing with everyday stresses, we cannot transform stress into harmony.  Most of the time, our stress is based on a fear of what might be as opposed to what actually is happening in the moment.  Our goal in 2010 is to help people find new ways to respond to daily challenges so that fear is released and harmony renewed.”

The Breema system is founded on the Nine Principles of Harmony, which are:  Body Comfortable; No Extra; Firmness and Gentleness; Full Participation; Mutual Support; No Judgment; Single Moment/Single Activity; No Hurry/No Pause; No Force. Applying just one of the Principles in any given situation can help a person focus and find a new response other than a habitual reaction such as ‘fear’ or ‘stress.’  Learning and practicing the Nine Principles in everyday life over the course of 2010 will give people an entirely new set of tools to begin living a more harmonious life every day.  The month of January will focus on Body Comfortable and what it means to really be comfortable in the body, mind and emotions.

To help people become familiar with the Principles and begin applying them, The Breema Center is offering the Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony audio CD with free domestic shipping in the US and 10 percent off the cover price for internet and phone orders.  The book can be ordered online at www.breema.com.  The Breema Center will also offer an intensive program February 6-14, 2010, to support people to get a jump-start on bringing Breema and the Principles into the new year.

For more information about Breema, the Nine Principles of Harmony, upcoming classes, workshops, and intensive programs, or to schedule an introductory session with a local Breema practitioner, visit www.breema.com.

About The Breema Center
Founded in 1980, The Breema Center offers classes, workshops, and intensives for beginning and experienced students.  Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises use nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches, and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental, and emotional balance.  The Breema Center is headquartered in the Rockridge area of Oakland, adjacent to Berkeley, and has certified practitioners and instructors in locations worldwide.  For more information, please visit www.breema.com.