Top orthopaedic surgeon, William T. Stillwell, MD, announces a new, non-surgical way to relieve knee pain, for good. In a new healing program, How to Avoid Knee Surgery, Dr. Stillwell reveals professional secrets to fast pain relief, while avoiding surgery. Using measures from across the medical spectrum, conventional and alternative, Dr. Bill details just how you can get fast, permanent pain relief and do it without surgery.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 12, 2008 — If you’re a golfer, play tennis, soccer, ride a bike, or are a runner, bicyclist or martial artist, or are just an aging Boomer with painful knees from arthritis, there’s new hope available for you. Now, you can finally get relief and stop living in pain.

For the first time anywhere, a top orthopaedic surgeon, veteran of thousands of surgeries, has revealed to the public the secrets of relieving knee pain — once and for all. William T Stillwell, MD, known to his patients and readers as Dr. Bill, has made available for the very first time, a special healing program, "How To Avoid Knee Surgery," which is now available on-line at

Drawing on proven, scientifically valid techniques and methods, from across the entire medical spectrum, this illustrated manual (with many drawings and photos done by Dr. Bill, himself) provides step-by-step measures for the many conditions that cause painful knees, like torn menisci, torn ACL, strains, sprains, tendonitis, kneecap problems and arthritis. It shows how anyone can identify the cause of their knee pain, reveals how to avoid or modify activities that cause and aggravate it and teaches exactly what to do, and how to do it for fast pain relief — and do it without surgery. After all, who better than a surgeon to teach you how to avoid surgery?

Conventional, mainstream conservative orthopaedic treatments are systematically covered, including emergency care after injuries. Then, the variety of methods from Alternative Medicine, known to work, are covered in detail. Finally, the most effective exercises, specially modified to prevent or eliminate knee pain, are presented for short term relief and long term maintenance. Available as a written manual and in an audio CD form, as well, "How To Avoid Knee Surgery" is an outstanding health care resource, available exclusively at

Anyone with knee pain is invited to sign up, to get a free Special Report on the secrets of Fast Pain Relief at


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